Monday - February 05 - 2007


What a SUPER BUSY weekend I have had. Started actual templates for the Endor Forrest and figuring out what materials and techniques would work best on such a huge scale. Hear all the details directly from the Ewok Master himself, Yours truly... NiubNiub 2007 Video Post #1. Quicktime Needed to play the clip.

OH !!!! and it's 200 dollars, NOT 200,000 bucks, we don't have THAT big a budget LOL.

For those of you with slower computers, I will post in print the basic points in the clip tomorrow.



Since I couldn't carry my Dioramas with me on the plane, I won't have any of my scenes on display at Celebration IV, so this year MORE THEN EVER, I need YOUR help. If you are attending Celebration IV, Have created an ultra cool Diorama that you can bring with you to L.A., then Send me some pics. I would LOVE to offer you a display space in the Workshop. Imagine how you can inspire others to join in the fun we have building in our little community :)



I need to find some helpers for Celebration IV, if you hppen to live in California, specifically L.A. and San Francisco, send me a mail, I 'd like to chat with you.



Friday - February 09 - 2007


Hey guys, I just wanted to Officially kick off the Celebration IV Ewok Landscaping Diorama Fund, so I headed down the hall to the Skywalker Genral Store inside ILM (that store is soooo cool - I might have some extra surprises for builder ;p) and bought EVERY ENDOR figure they had left in stock, Ewoks, Soldiers, C-3P0's and Imperial Officers.

Now as much as it's cool to see so many figures rounded up, we need MANY MANY MORE. PLEASE participate and SEND US what old figures from ENDOR you have lying around the house that you don't need anymore. Even if limbs have been chewed up from your dog or cat :) We can use them as Battle casualties LOL.

Remember, ONLY with the help of the fans, will the Diorama look as cool as it can be - as well as create FREE giveaways for the builders at the end of the show.



I know I said in the video that tuesday or wednesday I would have these up, but it's taking just a little longer then planned due to the NEW Transformers work hours. We have officially jumped into overtime, meaning that the workday doesn't end at 6 but now 8, 9 sometimes 10 pm. And working saturdays, which leaves only sunday to put a good 6-7 hours on site updates.

The good news is that I have over 250 pictures that I am preparing for you describing the techniques that you will be using at the workshop to create your Trees and Ewok huts... Stay tuned Monday, I promise !!!



Monday - February 12 - 2007


Here we go.... Wondering what materials and techniques you will be using in a couple of months? Well wait no longer, Head on over to the Celebration IV: Diorama Workshop section and click on the Designing Endor button.

The first images I want to show you are the Making Of the Medium Tree as well as the Making of the Big Tree. There will also be a Small Tree coming soon. At the workshop you will be able to select which of the 3 trees you wish to tackle. If your time is limited, the Small Tree will be done in 90 minutes and can then be planted on the forest floor.

Chosing the Medium and Big Trees allow you the option of adding an Ewok Hutt (pictures coming later in the week)Bridges, and Spiral Staircases.

It's gonna be amazing.



This weekend was the BIG TOY FAIR in New York, lost of cool Spiderman, 300, Star Wars and Transformer toys were revealed. Those Transformer figs look sweat :) hee hee. Maybe I'm a little biased ;p Of course the most fun is seeing all the amazing Star Wars products.

The TWO coolest items - Finally a ROUND CORNER PIECE for our cantina and even better... are you sitting down... a to scale MOISTURE VAPORATOR - YES YES HASBRO !!!! I can now forgive you for the ugliest package design to come out since 95 :) I hope this is just the begining of such accessories for our Dioramas.

.... Make sure to check out FULL coverage of the NEW Star Wars Toys over at Galactic Hunter.


Friday - February 16 - 2007


Well you know I can't have a Celebration Workshop without having FREE gifts to hand out to you guys and girls right? :) Last year the postcards were VERY popular but this year I wanted to do something different, that I never did for the site. Create a Pin. However I am not sure which color scheme to use so I thought why not ask the ones who will most likely be wearing them... YOU :)

Click on the one that you want will open up an email with your vote number in the subject. You can also give me comments as well, This is just the beginning of the giveaways. I am designing a cool T-shirt this weekend and I have maybe some realy realy COOL surprise giveaways that I would not have been able to get my hands on if I was working back home in Montreal ;p mmm, curious you are yes??? :)

Please only vote ONCE, I will let you know ther results in 2 weeks when I place the PIN order.



Well as most of you know now, I am here in San Francisco working at ILM on TRANSFORMERS. Last week we were shown footage from the movie with sound, MY GOD, the 12 year olds in us came out as our jaws dropped and drool landed everywhere on the floor LOL. Even though you are working on the shots, you see them just a couple frames at a time and over and over and with NO sound. Seeing it on the big screen like you will this summer, was a nice present for all the animators and compositors at the studio who are working so many long hours.

Now I canot talk details about what we do because of the confidentiality agreements, for my comments on the film, we'll have to wait till July 4, however the same footage was shown to the public this week and you can read all about what I can't say over on ain't it cool news.

If you DON'T want to know about the scenes shown or spoilers on the movie then DON'T GO !!! Wait till july. It will come very very fast. I can't believe that I have been here in California 6 weeks allready. Time flies when you are having fun :)

Have a GREAT WEEKEND !!! John and I (my friend from Lucas Arts) will be building more Endor Prototypes on Saturday to show you next week... woohoo :)



Tuesday - February 20 - 2007


Well you may have been asking yourself "I wonder what materials we will be using to create the actual Ewok Hutts" during the Diorama Workshop. The wait is over :) Seeing one completed is very cool, I can't imagine what it will look like when there are 250-300 lined up on a 30 foot long table.

Head on over to the Celebration IV section. Inside the Pre-Production Menu you will be able to click on the Ewok Hutt button. Inside you will see 100 pictures of it's creation and what awaits you this coming May.

Hope to see you there, it's gonna be SO much fun.


One can no longer say that Star Wars fans don't do things BIG :) I was expecting maybe 1 or 2 figures from guys and girls like yourselves who want to help out with the Endor Diorama, but when I recived my first box of goodies, inside were not 2, not 5, not 10 but over 1 DOZEN figures including jedi spirits. How cool is that?.

I want to personally thank Frank Carroll (what a GREAT name - hee hee) from Nova Scotia (yes a fellow Canadian) for his enormous generosity. This really was a tremendous surprise.

If you have extra figures to spare please Keep em coming, we are 2 months away and still need so much help.





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