Saturday - March 03 - 2007


Many of you now may have started seeing many many Trailers, TV commercials and Bus Ads for this little movie I worked on last year ;P ... Frank Miller's 300 opens NEXT WEEK but those of us lucky enough to be in San Francisco today, can get a sneak peak with the director and cast at Wondercon.

I will be going with some friends from work (seems ILM employees get in for free :) I will bring my camera and see if I can snap up some interesting pictures. Maybe even a few Star Wars costumes?

On another note, check out the COOL 300 toys that my firends back home at Legends Action Figures sent me. You can order yours today, they do look pretty cool on your desk next to your computer :)




Tuesday - March 05 - 2007


Hello everyone. Boy where did the weekend go? Time flies by so fast when you are having fun :)

Today's Celebration IV Diorama Workshop preview is the creation of the Small Tree. This completes the 3 choices you will have to select from at the workshop. Create to add variety to the forest but also for those of you who are short on time - aproximate construction time: 1 hour.

Once you complete your tree, you will go and plant it in the Endor Diorama and continue with your convention adventures until you return on the last day to come claim it as your workshop souvenir.

Later in the week, I'm gonna show you how John and I created the BIG tree with the Spiral Platforms. This will be the most elaborate of what you can build and looks just sooo cool. stay tuned....

I will be going with some frends from work (seems ILM employees get in for free :) I will bring my camera and s

Wednesday - March 14 - 2007


Well I was hoping for a few more posts, it's 1:28 am, I have a big shot to deliver thursday, so have been working 8 am to 1 am past 3 days. And you thought doing Film Effects was glamourous ;p

Today is my birthday, you can send me birthday cards to the Diorama Fund address - LOL

Seriously, today I just found out some AMAZING - I mean AWESOME NEWS regarding one of the BIG BIG did I say BIG surprises I have in store for the Workshop this year. What is it? I will be spilling the details within 2 weeks once I get the items. Speaking of which...

As you know, I am surrently working on TRANSFORMERS at ILM here at Lucasfilm, and to share to you my excitement of working my dream job, I will be giving away a few HUGE surprises. I want to really make this the ultimate Star Wars 30th Anniversary Diorama Workshop fan experience. If you haven't booked your plane ticket, I can tell you, this is ONE convention and workshop you do NOT want to miss.

Tomorrow I will post the MAKING OF The BIG EWOK HUTTS as well as a review of a little film that was NUMBER ONE at the box office last weekend. mmmm I wonder what that could be? :)

I'm off to bed, I have another HUGE day tomorrow.


Monday - March 19 - 2007


John and I finished this 2 weeks ago but with the 38 hours overtime on Transformers last week, I had little time and energy to update the dreamweaver pages. Well now they are ready and you can see a new option you will have at the Celebration IV Diorama Workshop ...

Today's preview is the creation of the Big Tree Hut. This Ewok home is attached to your creation of the BIG tree.

Once completed, you will go and plant it in the Endor Forest Diorama and continue with your convention adventures until you can return on the last day (monday) to come claim it as your workshop souvenir.



It's been over 1 year that I haven't placed a review on the site. With 300's recent release and SMASH box office last week on opening wekend, I thought the time was right to bring em back. Remember also you can add your name and share with us what YOU thought of the movie. SO if you are curious to see what I thought of Ghost Rider and 300, head on over to NiubNiub's Summer Movie Reviews. Even if we are still just in March ;p



Celebration IV is quickly aprocaching and I am searching for some cool Dioramas to put on display at the Diorama Workshop. If you think your scenes are awesome and want the chance to show the world your talent, then Send me some pics. I have a lot of space for you to display your work in the Workshop.

Don't be shy !!! You can really inspire others to join in the fun we have building our Dioramas.


Sunday - March 25 - 2007


This weekend marked the 2 moth countdown to the Celebration IV Diorama Workshop ...

Time sure passes fast. There is a lot accomplished so far yet still a lot to do. This weekend, John and I played with our miniature train set that will send the Speeder Bikes racing around the forest. We glued some rods to the bottoms of the bikes and attached them to some locomotives. It was very cool to see though some little solutions to avoid some tipping must still be discovered. Pictures to come later in the week as well as a very cool adition to the Pre-Prod Making Of section



Two months left , don't wait till the last minute, I still need your help !!!.

So far we have gathered up an amazing 160 figures !!!! That is too cool. It will truly bring life to the Diorama. But with the preparation of the Diorama, we have decided to try and make it even BIGGER then planed. Each day, the table surface of the forest will Double in size, until the last day when the forest will measure a MEGA 80 feet wide by 60 feet deep. That is a LOT of forest. And with an anticipated 300 to 400 builders, I would like to offer each a figure as a thank you.

If you have a few loose Endor figures around the house that you don't need PLEASE send them to our Diorama Ewok Landscaping Fund. We still have not received any R2-D2's and Chewbaccas. As of today, a HUGE thank you to...

Frank K.C., Rachel S.M., Chase K., David l. Ric C.,Leeland C., William A.S., Kerry H., and Curran.

As a special thank you for your generosity, expect an exclusive VERY LIMITED gift in your mailboxes soon.



Celebration IV is all about exclusive collectables and that is no exception at the Diorama Workshop. If you thought the postcards we offered last year were cool, wait till you see what I have in store to celebrate not only the Diorama Workshop, not only the 30th Star Wars Anniversary but also share the excitement I have been having these past 3 months working at Lucasfilm's ILM. Having your dream job come true can make you want to share in your excitement.

Stay tuned as I will divulge ALL the remaining secrets I have planed for you at the show. Those who haven't yet thought of attending should seriously think of booking their plane ticket now :) It's gonna be one heck of a party !


Thursday - March 29 - 2007


Now this is WAY TOO COOL. John and I finished these a couple weeks ago but I didn't have time to put them up until last night. With all the overtime. (36 hours last week alone !!!) it's a good I have some energy left LOL.

Not everyone may have the patience for this one, but here you can see how to make, attach and build a DOUBLE DECKER spiral platform to the Big Tree. You will have to spend a few days at the workshop to create this one. But ooo is it sooo sweet :) I LOVE IT !!!! and very movie like.

Will you have the time and patience at the show? :) Check over 60 NEW step by step pictures in the DIorama Workshop Pre-Production section.



WOW, never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined a box arriving at my ILM office with Hasbro's Asia office stamped on the shipping address. What could this be??? it sure weighed a LOT !!! :)

Inside was over 150 Endor figs, not 1996 stuff, the NEW waves, Biker scouts, Endor Troops, Vaders, 3P0's, Lukes, Leias, Stormtroopers. MAN This was just WAY TOO COOL !!! what a great way to end the week.

Derryl you are DA MAN !!! I can't wait to personally thank you at the show !!!

This now brings our figure total close to 300, but that doesn't mean we still don't want your help. If you have any extra Endor figs , especially Chewbacca, R2's and AT-ST's PLEASE send them to me at ILM. it is a great cause.



Remember, NEXT WEEK, you will all FREAK OUT at the give-aways and what I have planned for the builders at the worshop. If you thought the other booth collectibles were cool ;p See you Sunday.





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