Sunday - April 01 - 2007


Yes it's true, I am so excited to be able to share this event with all of you at the convention.

When I got hired at ILM, and in talks with Lucasfilm for working on Transformers and doing another workshop , it was suggested why not do my wedding on the sunday inside the Diorama Workshop. At the end of the day, we will be stacking all the endor trees in 2 giant rows creating a long 100 foot alley in which the bride will come down to Princess Leia's theme. Of course all who have helped making the trees are welcome to stay for the ceremony. There will be a big Ewok cake for all to eat afterwards.

Princess Leia herself will be my fiance's brides maid, having met Carrie several times while working at Lucasfilm, she thought it be fun taking time off from signing autographs and come participate. As for my best man, well you know there was only ONE choice... Wicket da man himself, Warwick Davis !!!! now HOW COOL IS THAT????

So make sure to be at the workshop around 3:30 the ceremony will begin at 4:00 sharp.

This will be a day long remembered ... in the history of April Fools NiubNiub jokes - ha ha ha ;p

Of course there will be NO wedding, hard to do that when you are single. maybe I could convince my ex?? LOL. But there is SOME truth in the joke, more of that to come soon. Stay tuned Monday for the FIRST TRUE BIG NEWS coming to you ALL WEEK LONG.

Frank D. NiubNiub

I will be going with some frends from work (seems ILM employees get in for free :) I will bring my camera and see





Tuesday - April 03 - 2007


Here you go, the first look at ONE of the FREE GIVEAWAYS you will see at this years Ewok Landscaping Diorama Workshop. Only 500 have been made and will ONLY be available at the convention.

You can click on my picture to see a close up of the winning design. Thank you to all who voted :) The pins will be handed out 100 per day on a first come first serve basis.

If you think THIS is cool, you have seen NOTHING yet !!!

As the week progresses, I will divulge ALL my secrets :) including some truly AWESOME giveaways that NO ONE ELSE will be offering ANYWHERE at the show. This year at the workshop, it's not only sharing the fun of Star Wars 30th anniversary, but a place for you to feel the same excitement and thrill I do working at ILM. Stay tuned...


Wednesday - April 04 - 2007


I had to work way overtime last night and got home and went straight to bed, so I didn't have time to prepare the detailed explanation for Big News #2.

However since I did promise some updates all week long, I quickly fixed up this picture for you guys and girls this morning before work. Hmmm, what is it you may ask? and why the numbers?? and what could be on their backside??? and what does it all mean???? AHHHHH the suspense :)

I will explain all in details on my next posting. And believe me, I hope you will be sitting down when you read it :) This has got to be the most EXCITING promo at the workshop. well, almost ;p LOL.


Friday - April 06 - 2007


Now this has me VERY VERY EXCITED. When you will first arrive to this year's Diorama Workshop, we will hand you your very own EXCLUSIVE Ewok Landscaping I.D. Badge. Plastified and ready to attach to your lanyard, your badge will quickly become your new BEST friend :)

On the front, your badge has your very own number, that will identify both you AND your tree. On the back is a playing card style design featuring the Celebration IV logo. However... NOT ALL CARDS have this SAME BACK :)

This is where the badges get REALLY interesting and in the process, my way to share my excitement of working at Lucasfilm's ILM with you guys. Working on Transformers allowed me access to give to you, mmmm, can you say ILM, LucasArts and Lucasfilm ??? :)

For all the details on what I am hinting at, head on over to NiubNiub's Ewok Landscaping Diorama Workshop Section and click on the PROMO icon.



Sunday - April 08 - 2007


My friend John is picking me up in a few minutes to go build the prototype of the Round Hut and bridge supports, so I don't have the time to do a long post today but I wanted to to wish you all a Happy Easter. Hope you found all your chocolate eggs :)

In the meantime...

Here is a little picture of the Quicktime I will put up online tomorrow. If you haven't figured it out yet , it is a test of what you will see zooming through the trees at Celebration IV.



Monday - April 09 - 2007


This just might be the COOLEST thing you will have ever seen your Hasbro Speeder Bikes do.

As the fans build the trees that will create the Endor forest, The Hasbro Speeders will come to life as they will zoom LIVE in between the tree creations. Mounted on miniature train locomotives, the chase will take place on more then 100 feet of track !!!

Make sure to bring your cameras and video recorders. :) For ALL the details, click on the image above to warp to Celebration IV Diorama Workshop Speeder Chase page.

Frank. D. NiubNiub.



Friday - April 13 - 2007


Yes ladies and Gentleman, We have some T-Shirts for you at the Workshop :)

Be the coolest builders at the show by wearing these great Ewok Landscaping Builders T-Shirts. How much are they you ask? Well, I couldn't decide so I decided to ... GIVE THEM AWAY FOR FREE !!!!!

The shirts below are the prototype design, the actual T-Shirts will be shown the day we receive them.

For all the details, click on the picture above to warp to the Diorama Workshop Promotions Page.



Thursday - April 20 - 2007


As you know this years Diorama Workshop is Endor. Well you CAN'T have an 80 foot long Endor Forest with only 5 Ewoks right? LOL So when Pat Donlan asked me what I thought of his idea to create some Ewoks for us to PAINT at the show well...

Let me think about it.... DUH !!!! LOL

Below is just a FEW of the Ewoks created for the Diorama, in total, there will be OVER TWO HUNDRED !!!

For all the details and more pictures, Click on the picture to warp to the Dorama Workshop Pre-Production Section. There, if you select the long route, Select Paint Your Own Ewok button.

Make sure to book your plane ticket now if you want to come meet Pat and his Dad and help build the BEST diorama EVER MADE !!! You DON'T want to miss THIS 30th Anniversary Party !!!

Saturday - April 28 - 2007


If you ever wanted to see what the inside of ILM looks like, Now is your chance :)

Win a private ILM tour and lunch with me and John Shields (my C:IV number one) before the show.

When I got the news that I was coming to California to work on TRANSFORMERS, My mind almost exploded LOL. When I first walked the halls of ILM, it was surreal, all the props and matte paintings along the hallways from films I've grown up with the past 20 years. Well now here's YOUR CHANCE for YOUR BRAIN to explode :)

For all the details, Click on the picture to warp to the Dorama Workshop Pre-Production Section. There, you can warp to the Industrial Light & Magic button.

For ALL the details, click on the Presidio Photo above or warp to Celebration IV Diorama Workshop Section's Pre-Production menu and hit ILM TOUR.





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