Thursday - May 03 - 2007


Can you believe 20 days left? Nooooooooooooooooooo ( do you remember Mr. Bill? man am I old - LOL)

With so little time, John and I are left concentrating finishing up the last minute touches like remaining badges, signs and posters. Still a LOT to do till then it is really scary. I work on Transformers from 9 am to 9 pm or later then do photoshop in the hotel room till 4 am. It's a good thing you can't see my eyes, they would frighten little children :)

On the week of Celebration, I will work till tuesday night, delivering my FINAL shot for Michael Bay, then John and I pick up the rental van, pack up and drive 6 hours to Los Angeles where we do the set up on the wednesday. No rest for the NiubNiub :) I will be counting on you guys and girls energy during the workshop to keep me awake ok? ;p Cool cool stuff today...



We are almost done with our Endor prototypes. Today I am happy to show you TWO of the THREE projects that start adding detail and movie realism to the diorama. I am talking about connecting platforms !!! (the 3rd is the triangle base to be unveiled next week)

The simplest one to create if you only can spare 1 to 2 hours at the workshop in the Ewok Bridge. A simple design but yet a true necessity if the Ewoks want to walk from tree to tree :) If you choose to make this, you can still bring it home with you at the end of the show even though we will be using other fans trees to support it.

Next up today is the TreeTop Base. Another great way to connect the trees together. You can create your base in less then 5 hours and then have it placed on someones tree. We then use 2 to 3 bridges to use the platform as a meeting place. It looks really cool.

Make sure to check out more then 60 NEW step by step pictures in the Endor Landscaping Pre-Production section. Use the navigation buttons to choose what project you want to build.




The fund was a huge success but we still have ONE week's time in which you can safely send your Endor Action Figures to us safely before the show. I can't thank everyone who participated enough (your secret thank you gifts will arrive shortly :)

If you have old figures - we especcially need R2 D2 and Chewbacca and Stormtrooper figures. No more Leia Ewok Dress LOL. Please !!!! LOL.

Check out the Diorama Fund page for all information on where to send to help out. If you have been waiting to send, NOW is the time. It will all be to good use. Check the site during the show to see it all come together.

I'm off to bed, I am so so so tired you cannot believe. Next update... The 3rd and last connecting platform AND are you ready... Revealing the FIRST list of PRIZES you will WIN at the workshop. It's all TOO cool !!!

See you in the weekend.


Saturday - May 12 - 2007


You remember those I.D. Badges we are handing out to every workshop builder right? :)

Well I am MORE then THRILLED to show you the prizes donated by LucasArts. That's right, Only at the Endor Landscaping Diorama Workshop can you win Star Wars games for your PS2, Xbox, Xbox360, Nintendo DS, PSP and your PC. Over $2000 in prizes are awaiting ALL the visitors who FLIP their badges to REVEAL a LucasArts Logo.

This is but the tip of the iceberg for what awaits the builders at this years 30th anniversary event !!! If you don't have a game console, you can also choose from Baseball Caps, Action Figures and T-Shirts.

Stay tuned later in the week to find out what prizes Industrial Light & Magic and Lucasfilm have in store for you.


When I thought up the idea of inviting 5 fans to tour and have lunch and talk about the upcoming convention, I thought I would have trouble finding fans who lived in San Francisco. Was I wrong !!! Not only that but some of you wanted to FLY into the city just for a chance to walk the halls of Lucasfilm. Some as far as Europe and Australia !!! Now THAT'S a Star Wars Fan LOL.

So with OVER 98 responses I had no choice but to draw the winners at random. The good news is that because of the response we aren't inviting FIVE fans for lunch... but EIGHT !!! That makes 3 extra winners. I feel like Willy Wonka ;p LOL. Expect a call from me during the weekend. I will post the names of the winners mid-week.

Thank you to all who sent in your names wanting to visit ILM but didn't get selected, See you at Celebration.


Tuesday - May 15 - 2007


For your enjoyment today, I present TWO more options that you will have to choose from to build at next week's (did I say Next week - OH MY GOD !!!!! - Will I be ready in time??? :P) Celebration IV Diorama Workshop.

The first is a rather simple design perfect to go with your Hand Painted Ewok !!! And perfect for those who only have but 90 to 120 minutes to spare between autographs and waiting in line :)

Yes I am talking about an Ewok Glider. Made from 6 twigs and paper, this toy is movie accurate and best of all, easy to carry on a plane. So if you aren't coming to Los Angeles by car, you can easily bring THIS souvenir home with you at the end of Monday's Workshop Hours.

The second of todays step by step tutorial is for the ADVANCED Diorama Builders and more of a Friend or Group Project really. Once you have THREE trees created, You can then make this Triangular Platform Base that connects the diorama together. Looks cool doesn't it? If you want to spend a few DAYS at the Workshop, this is definitaly the project for YOU.

You can check these two NEW choices from the Pre-Production section in the Celebration IV Main Menu.


Friday - May 18 - 2007


With only 4 working days left at I.L.M. before John and I drive to set up the Celebration IV Diorama Workshop., I am thrilled that you can now see more of the amazing work the guys and gals here at Lucasfilm are creating for your 4th of July summer entertainment :)

I've never worked on a project of this magnitude and quality. It blows me away to see the progression of the fx from when we started 5 months ago. Go ahead and click on Optimus to view the NEW Transformers Trailer. You might just wet your pants :)



Well today is my lunchdate with the lucky EIGHT winners of the ILM tour and lunchdate. I can't wait to see their faces. :) Stay tuned... I shall soon have a pic or two and full report later in the weekend. For those who didn't receive aphone call, I wish I could have invited you all. There's always next year - Maybe :)



Saturday - May 19 - 2007


Well today sure was a very special day for these lucky 8 people... we had a very cool lunch in the Lucasfilm dining commons as well as a private tour of Industrial Light & Magic and as you can see some shopping :)

Congratulations again to Greg, Joseph, Larry, Eric, Theo, Tina, Gil and Lars. For more details on how the tour went... click here to warp to the Celebration IV Diary.



Tuesday - May 22 - 2007


Today marks the LAST day on my contract with ILM, I can't believe it's allready been 5 months since I started out compositing on TRANSFORMERS. Have you seen the NEW trailer yet? Ooooh, gives me shivers ;p LOL

So at 4 oclock, John and I head on over to rent our Cargo van and head off to Los Angeles to set up for Thursdays Grand Opening of the Diorama Workshop. Celebration IV is gonna be sooo cool. During the week, make sure to tune into NiubNiub's Celebration IV Diary. to see whats hapening and view my daily video updates !!!

See you online or better yet... At the show !!! Woo Hoo !!!! :)



First off I want to thank EVERYONE who sent in figures this year for the Ewok Landscaping Diorama Fund. We got over 400 figures donated !!! plus 200 ewoks cast by Pat Donlan, and 150 figures from Hasbro !!! The diorama will be just SO coll and evenbetter, YOU the BUILDERS will be bringing these figures HOME !!!

As you can guess, the Fund is now CLOSED. DO NOT Send us in the mail anymore figures. However... You CAN still BRING your donation IN PERSON and drop them off at the Diorama Workshop. I will NEVER turn away a donated toy.


Wednesday - May 23 - 2007


Just got in the hotel after 7 hrs driving. Its now 5.35 am, CLICK HERE to view this mornings Video Diary.


Thursday - May 24 - 2007


Cut my finger :( not good and the show hasn't even started. Hear all about it in this mornings Video Diary.


Sunday - May 27 - 2007


Well I am almost on my way to bed. It's 12:16 am saturday. Today was a great day. Not only did C-3P0 himself, Anthony Daniels, drop by for an unschedualed visit as we were setting up, but he actually congratulated us for having one of the COOLEST and ORIGINAL ARTISTIC events at the show. What a great way to start the day to hear that.

As in past diorama builders, I am SWAMPED with running around and working like crazy. The bad part is that this year as opposed to last, I am WAY UNDER STAFFED :( Thank god I have John and Jamie. It's also great that Duke and his girfriend Danielle (Duke was a winner in our ILM tour) have become our new best friends as are Scott nd his son Victor, and let us not forget Marc Patton who brought in his ool STar Tours Diorama. (I'll show you pictures of that real soon, I wish I had made it :)

So here is a shot of the Workshop today around 4 oclock. We must have close to 200 trees now. We even ran out of ground micro bark to cover the tables. Marc was going to get us another 20 bags tonight so that tomorrow we could continue to have the diorama grow to our anticipated 100 foot long forrest :) I am sure that wouldn't fit in your basement room display area :) hee hee.

By the way have you noticed the cool lucasfilm sign in the left corner ;p How cool is that?

Here is a quick look at the trees that were drying today just waiting to have their hut attached and planted in the forest. I will tray and get pics ready as soon as possible. In the meantime you can see the workshop coverage on



I won't type much longer, John is sleeping and I need to turn the light off. We have a BIG BIG day to set up the final diorama tomorrow. Listen all about it on my QT Diary number 04. yes 4, I shall explain tomorrow. g'night everyone.


Monday - May 28 - 2007


I don't have much to type since I am VERY tired. It's almost 1 am and I need to go to bed. Those Union rules at the convention this year are KILLING US !!! Man, only allowed to enter 1 hr and stay 1 hr to set up is WAY NOT ENOUGH. Have they NEVER BUILT a DIORAMA !!!! LOL

Anyhow, today was a FANTASTIC DAY. And the diorama realy started to take shape. We found out that in the morning ALL the Jedi actors were going to come by for a photo in front of Endor. So we had better set up FAST.

Above is where we were at when security kicked us out of the room. It will be great for the pic but we still have MANY MANY donation figures to hand out.

Below is a view from when you stand ONTOP of the forest. Looks like the real thing no?

I will have complete coverage later in the week once I get back home. Man, I can't believe I will be back in Montreal after 6 months in San Francisco. I hope you enjoy this quick first peek. LOTS MORE coming REAL SOON.

Oh yeah I almost forgot. I put 3 hi-res pics for you to see. Click on the following quick links to view them... Endor Wide, Endor High and Endor Right side.


Wednesday - May 30- 2007


It is 11:15 pm tuesday, I went to ILM to say my goodbye today and now have just finished packing my suitcase for the 7 am taxi ride to the airport in the morning.

So I will be going through the hundreds of pictures and videos I filmed when I arrive in Montreal.

In the meantime enjoy this peak at what we assembled on the last day of Celebration. You can click the image to see a Hi-Res pic. If you recgonize your face,elamil me at to tell me your name. I wish I could remember them all :(

see you later ... Im off to bed.



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