Thursday - June 07- 2007


Well it's hard to believe it was a week ago already we were all having so much fun. Sleeping in my own bed after 6 months in San Francisco sure feels weird but OH SO NICE :) I am still jet lagged and just want to sleep all day and night. I am in the process (yes I will admit - a s-l-o-w one of gathering up all the Celebration IV Workshop pics and sorting out the nices ones that aren't all blurry :)

Stay tuned, I will start by uploading all the pics by themselves and then I will add some captions when I have more time. If you were at the workshop and took pics,send them to me at and I will get those ready for the Visitors Recap section of the site.

Be patient, theres some fun stuff coming... Frank.



Now as a Star Wars fan AND Graphic Designer I can honestly tell you that this is TOO cool. To have my first ever NiubNiub's Universe T-Shirt for sale not on some tiny website but at SHOPSTARWARS.COM now I can die a happy Ewok. LOL.

If you weren't one of the lucky 100 who won one of these great Ewok Landscaping T-Shirts at the show, here is your chance to bring home one real COOL souvenir if I do say so myself :) Hee hee. And to top it off, I don't need to LOOSE my VOICE in the process :) Those who spent time at the workshop will understand that reference right? LOL.

Please BUY BUY BUY, I don't get a penny from the sales - Don't get upset for me - it was at my own request in order to get the shirts offered to you. My goal is that If enough of you guys buy them, then maybe Next Convention, we will be able to have them sold AT THE GIFT SHOP !!!! now THAT would be totally wicked :)

I'm off to crop some more pics. I hope to have something by weekend or at least early next week.




Tuesday - June 12 - 2007


I started sorting out all the hundreds of pictures I took while at the show, and though Celebration IV has come and gone - man time flies by, it just seems like last weekend doesn't it? - it's better late then never right?

I didn't see many sites that had pics covering the workshop (send me some links if you've spotted some) so I think those of you who attended the convention will get a kick out of these.

Starting today - I bring you the Workshop Set Up pictures. Behind the scenes photos that only NiubNiub can show you :) It sure brings back lots of great memories looking at the pics 3 weeks later.

As the week progresses, stay tuned for the following days, with tons of builing pics and then pictures and QuickTimes of the Final Endor creation. Enjoy :) I will see you in couple days...



Friday - June 15 - 2007


Today you can find Day two: Thursday also known as Fan Club Day of The Ewok Landscaping Diorama Workshop.

Now that set up was over we were ready for the builders to arrive. I was certainly less stressed out then at Celebration III. At least this year we had all our materials set up and ready to go. Check out more then 4 pages of photos in the Diorama Prodution Section.



Wednesday - June 20 - 2007


Sorry for the delay in coverage. The more we get into the days, the more cool pictures need to be scaled and sorted out. And the cool thing for me, and I believe for you, seeing these pics 2 weeks later, just brings a smile to my face and all the cool memories. I feel the same way I did after CII and CIII, you just wish it could laast forever you know?

Today you can find Day Three: Friday of The Ewok Landscaping Diorama Workshop. It was the first full day openeded to the general pucblic, and after our fan day training :) We were ready for the masses. Kind of LOL.

Sit back and enjoy some cool memories or see what you missed out on. Maybe you should start saving your moeny today for CV - yes yes !!! :)



Saturday - June 23 - 2007


Good morning to you all !!! Well it's a small miracle that I finished this update, you see, my friends have got me hooked on GUITAR HERO !!! LOL. I don't play guitar and I don't usualy listen to this kind of music on my i-Pod but man, I feel like I can play guitar LOL - not to mention this game is FUN !!! Rock On !!!! LOL.

But before bed, I took a few hours sorting out over SIX PAGES of photos which you can find in The Ewok Landscaping Diorama Workshop coverage. Now warp over to Day Four: Saturday to see what the fans created at the start of the weekend. You will also see the begining of the tree planting and the birth of the main Endor Diorama.

Enjoy and have a great weekend. Stay tuned Monday for Sundays coverage.




Monday - June 25 - 2007


Hey guys, what a weekend. I spent all of sunday at the emergency dental clinic. I woke up with the biggest pain in my teeth, all the way to my jaw. I slept maybe 20 minutes, ugh, it was awfull. Well after X-rays it seems I have an Absessed Tooth. I thought Kidney Stones hurt LOL. So I am now on antibioticas AND pain killers. PLUS yesterday I went to prepare the plans of my rooftop terrasse and got a big sunburn. It just wasn't my weekend :(

Since I can't go outside and I am all medicated I thought what else can I do but prepare some more Ewok Landscaping Diorama Workshop coverage LOL. I have added 7 pages full of pictures covering Day Five: Sunday in the Celebration Workshop Production Section.

Next up is final day coverage with photos from the completed 100 foot Endor Diorama as well as a few quicktime surprises. End of week also marks a birthday of sorts - can anyone guess what time it is??? :) I hope to have everything ready to go ... Enjoy the pictures, I need to take another pill ;p




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