Tuesday - October 16 - 2007


Hey everyone, this is my first post since returning to Montreal after spending the best winter of my life (so far) working at ILM on Transformers and preparing and organising CIV's Diorama Workshop.

Well how could I pass up today's grandiose DVD release of the BEST film released this summer without posting about it :) (I am just VERY VERY VERY angry that paramount sold out and canceled their Blu-Ray version for HD exclusivity - arghhhh - dang format war !!!! - but that is another LONG story - Blu-ray Blu-ray Blu-ray ;p LOL )

Below is a pic of me holding Best Buy's Exclusive Gift Set Box - that includes the 2 disc special edition, a Hasbro Micro figure (sorry so not worth it) and a 32 page mini booklet on the Making of the film. One of the pages even has MY Bumblebee composite :) hee hee :) Now THAT for a geek fan is just TOO awesome :)


Stoping by Future Shop (Canada's version of Best Buy - before Best Buy also installed themselves up north) I spotted a Collectors Edition TIN Transformers DVD. Well hey, I was wearing My Transformers ILM Crew T-Shirt so my mind went jello for a while and I just Had to snap up another copy. Hey I at least DID control myself somewhat ;p You had a choice between the metal Prime logo (protect) or the Megatron logo (destroy) Since I am such a nice guy ;p I chose the good side :)

So head on over to your local Videostore NOW !!! :) If you haven't yet seen the film, I think you will get a kick out of it and really love the ride. And if you watch the credits, you can spot my name under ILM Digital Artists section :P ENJOY !!!





On a much more somber note...

As some of you regular site visitors might know and remember my post last year about my mom being diagnosed with Alzheimers. Well upon my return from California, her memory was a little worse off from last year until mid-summer when it took a nose dive. Everything that happens 10-15 minutes from the present conversation is forgotten. That is her current memory span. Having no brothers or sisters, I had to take the summer off (including work) to take care of her and get all the power of attorney, doctors, social workers, notaries, Court inneptitude rulings etc... taken care of. Unfortunately that has meant not much time for anything else, including the website.

This week, after her last doctors visit, it has been decided that it is too dangerous for her to live alone in her house (the same one I grew up in with my dad, who passed away 10 years now) she can't remember to take her medication, and forgets it's time for grocery shopping when the fridge is empty and theres nothing to eat in the house.

I have had to start visiting Alzheimer residences this week. I can't even begin to tell you how depressing entering those units are. It kills me to think my mom will soon be living like that but her condition demands it.

I have also been told that once placed (which will be mid-november, we have found one that had a room available NOW - which is a miracle in itself when you begin to find out every home has a 2-3 year waiting lists) her memory will deteriorate instantly by a huge chunk of like 60-70% due to the dissorientation and confusion of being in a new environment. Because of this, I will likely be visiting every day to calm her down which means that I will not have much more time to update the site again until all this gets taken care of and a normalcy - if we can call this situation that - returns to my daily routine.

I will try and get the FINAL C4 pictures up at least (it was 80% done before all this started) within next 2 weeks. After that, it may be a long break until my return. I'm sorry I can't give the mount of updates you are all used to and craving for. I am sure - and hope - that next year will be a much better one.

All the best, your ewok friend, Frank.



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