Monday - June 16 - 2008


Good morning to all of you. I hope you are all doing well and enjoyin g the summer. Did everybody go see Indiana Jones yet ? :) Iron Man and Kung Fu Panda are also VERY good films to catch if you haven't already.

I just wanted to take this time to write and let you all know that mom is doing better, the house is sold, she has made friends in the residence and most of the nightmare with the paperwork is taken care of, which means that I am slowly begining to have time again for my stuff. Yes that incudes putting a breath of fresh air into the site.

I am doing a little 2008 design update that will help make the site's navigation even easier for new-comers and you old timers ;p This will also allow me to fix all the bugs and missing links. I'm surprised at how much there are. I will start of course with the important sections like DIoramas, Blueprints and Decals. Yes, the Red Room will FINALLY be up and ready for download and home printing.

I'm also working on a secret project that if goes ahead will be VERY VERY cool for both you guys (and girls) and myself. Can't spill the beans just yet, you will have to read the updates to find out more about that in the coming months.

I am also preparing for another trip to California in August. So time to catch up with all my Celebration IV friends and try and do a group dinner, or maybe even a Clone Wars day together. I will be in San Francisco on opening weekend. and In LOs Angeles, the entire week prior. I will be busy in the day with interviews but my nights should be free.

So I will keep this short and sweet and get back to my photoshop designs... stay tuned... NiubNiub is back :)


Wednesday - June 18 - 2008


Two posts in a week, haven't seen that in a while :) Though I know many of you anxiously await to actualy see a new diorama creation, and I am getting the itch - hee hee - First things first... fix what is broken.

So today I unveil the NEW improved easier to use NiubNiub Menu.

After being away from the computer for this long, Iwas having trouble fixing the broken links because I didn't know where I was going, and it's my OWN site LOL. So I thought it's time to simplify things a little. There is a little more scrolling needed but in the long run I think it will help navigation and your using the site for home creations a lot easier. There are now 4 sections ...

Section 1) NiubNiub Dioramas... Everything that I create, about me and how to contact me.

Section 2) Diorama workshop... So you want to recreate one of my dioramas at home? then everything you need will be found here now. Blueprints, Decals, Making Of's, FAQ's, References, Resources to name a few.

Section 3) NiubNiub Kool Zone... I know Cool with a K ... how hip is that :) Here you will find what I consider is some fun stuff from the site like my early tests of QuickTime:VR and C:VR figure animations, the amazing Widevision Diorama cards created by my fans, Keven and Nathen. My Chose a Character reviews and Comtech Chip Samples. Remember those? Last but not least...

Section 4) Special Events... when I do a Celebration Workshop or Exhibit, this is where you will find all the pictures and fun things you may have missed or want to re-visit.

So in swaping 9 categories for 4 and listing them all with explanations, navigation should be a sinch now. I will now attack the fixing and design of each sub-section and let you know here as each gets updated. If you notice glitches, or want to give me your thoughts on the new design, gimme a shout.

chat soon, all the best, Frank D. NiubNiub



Friday - June 20 - 2008


I'm on a roll here... :)

I've now completed the improved pages for both the Diorama Making Of section as well as the Decal Downloads Menu. Both are now so much easier to navigate and find exactly what you want to look at. They also have all corrected links so that you won't end up on an "error" screen.

Now I will be changing all the pages inside those sections as time goes on. For today, I have gone back to the Celebration III archives and added in the making of section step by step photos for the Death Star Rounded Hallway. I will have a few more surprises for you perhaps as early as tomorrow :)

I forgot how much fun it is to work on the site and prepare the updates. hee hee.


Saturday - June 21 - 2008


Good morning all. I hope the weather is nicer in your city then the rain and cold we've had past 4 days. brrrr. where did the summer run away to ? :(

On brighter news... I have completed the revamping of the most in demand section after the dioramas... The Download Decals. The main menu is now up and ready with a list of all the available decals under each episode logo. The first of the improved new design is my fave... the Bacta Medical Center. Check it out and tell me if you like the new look and if it loads properly at home. Now all decals are visible on same page in thumbnail form with their respected sizes for their full resolution jpg's. Simply click on the link and the 200dpi image will load on your screen ready to be saved to your desktop and printed.

I will be working all weekend on the other scenes since the weather isn't too exciting to be outside. Stay tuned...NiubNIub out. Have a great weekend !!!


Thursday - June 26 - 2008


Woof, this took me a lot longer then I estimated. I am happy to tell you this morning that EVERY Download Decal I ever created for my dioramas is now set up with the NEW menu pages and links. Included are Coruscant City Landscape, Death Star Halls, Bacta Medical Center, Bounty Hunters, Falcon Blastshield Training, Vader's Secret among 9 others. You can see the list in the Download Menu page.

Now for the bad news... LOL ... The infamous Death Star Red Room isn't uploaded yet. I know, I know, it's only the MOST requested item on the site for the past 2 years. I really wanted to get up and running the ones I already had created in previous folders.

Now the good news... :) ... I have found the Red Room folder and will be prepping those decals on the weekend. So come next week, we shall see RED !!! LOL.

I am now working hard on the Making Of Section, that actually goes hand in hand with the Downloads. Stay tuned in the next few days to see those links up and running properly on the site.



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