Wednesday - July 02 - 2008


Good morning all. I hope my fellow Canadians had a WONDERFULL Canada Day yesterday. Here in Montreal, it was super sunny and warm, just gorgeous (for a nice change, our summer so far isn't spectacular as in years past) perfect for the pool, BBQ and Fireworks. I'm sure our American friends will have just as much fun Friday.

Before I start, I just wanted to tell you all to go see WANTED. What a great ride that was. Maybe my fave film of this year so far. Think, Fight CLub meets Matrix and Terminator. Well worth your holiday ticket.

OK, SO you want NiubNiub news right? :) It took me a couple more days to get it done, man there are a LOT of pages in this section LOL, but today I am pleased to upload the Improved Making Of Dioramas Section.

All pictures, pages and links have been fixed. There should be no more error messages when clicking on NEXT pages or in the Menus. Every single Making Of from the past 8 years is now ready to revisit or to discover for all you new visitors. From the Custom Jedi Council, to Leias Plans, Blastshield Training, Palpatine's Office and much much more.

You can also see all the Death Star sections that were available at Celebration III and go print out the appropriate decals from the Downloads section. Have fun with the section and let me know what you think of the NEW design. I find it a LOT easier to navigate and go to the scenes we are looking for without scrolling through 3-4 pages of menus.

Have a great day and I will return in a day or two with more updates...


Friday - July 04 - 2008


Hello everyone. Hope your week went well, and Happy July 4th to all my American friends. Today I have uploaded the 2008 Design of the Diorama Blueprints section.

Though small for now, it is still a big part to help you create your Hoth Bacta Medical Center Diorama as well as Trash Compactor and Palpatine's Office sceenes. Please do check it out if you intend on creating these at home.

I am now working on the main Diorama pages, with BIGGER and better picture viewing experience. Stay tuned for that very soon... Have a great weekend, and if you haven't already, go see Kung Fu Panda for the kiddies and Wanted for the older croud :)

All the best - Frank D. NiubNiub



Tuesday - July 08 - 2008


Did everyone have a great weekend? man the weather here in Montreal was gorgeous. Spent the 3 nights having friends over for BBQ on the rooftop Terrasse. Ah it's a hard life ;p LOL But I also managed to put many hours into the site so that I could today present to you one of my personal favourites... The Diorama vs Movie Comparison Section.

These use to be part of the NiubNiub Diorama Section, however the links were all mixed up and I thought it would actually be cooler to have these pictures stand on their own. Now in even LARGER image size, you can better try and guess... Is that the Movie STill ? no wait, I think it's the NiubNiub Diorama. :)

Some of the comparisons I like best are Sarlacc Pit, Blastshield Training, Jedi Council, Palpatine's Office, Princess Leia's Secret Plans, Bacta Medical Center and Vader Secret. Make sure to check it out. This will also give you an idea of the new SIZE the Diorama section photos will have. I am working on those next, so that their links attach properly. More to come... Including yes, the Red Room, I have not forgotten :P

See you later, Frank D. NiubNiub



Monday - July 14 - 2008


Yes you read correctly, and thank god it's not April 1, cause you may not believe that it actually came true :)

Ever since Celebration II, the MOST REQUESTED plea was ... "Can you PLEASE post the Red Room Decals" ... Well I admit it is very embarrassing that it took THIS long to put these up. This is indeed one of my favourite rooms and certainly is a now ICONIC image from the movie that started it all... Star Wars ... Episode IV.

So get your printer cartridges ready and head on over to the NiubNiub Downloads Section and click on the Death Star Red Room button. From there you will be brought to the Red Room Decals Menu where you can click and print what is needed to create this diorama at home.



While I was uploading the Red Room Decals for the Death Star Diorama, I thought, let's try something different and add some little images to the Download Menu. Now instead of just plain text, you get to see what the exact Diorama looks like. Do you think this is a cool thing? or did you prefer the old style, like you still see in the Diorama Menu ??? Give me some feedback if you can. It helps a lot in planing how to better the site for you guys and girls.

I am now going back to work and preparing the step by step pictures for the Red Control Room so you can know what to do exactly with those spify new decals :) See you in a day or 2.



Sunday - July 19 - 2008


What a week, I was hoping to have all this done by now, unfortunately, my 89 year old aunt fell on the sidewalk and broke her hip last week and I have been busy visiting her and making arangements for transfer to a rehab center. Her spirits are high so here's hoping she recuperates quickly.

So what I did manage to finish is the brand NEW look for the NiubNiub Dioramas Menu system. At first you may think it looks the same, but once you click on an Episode link... you can see little pictures of the actual dioramas instead of just text links. This should avoid confusion for those of you who haven't seen the movies 3,000 times like I have :)

The links to the actual dioramas will become active during the weeks to come starting with Episode 1, 2, 3 etc... why would the links not be operational you may wonder ???



Not only is the menu much cooler but EVERY single diorama picture has been ENLARGED ....


... to let you enjoy even more all the details of my creations.

Today's viewable Deluxe pics are my Episode 1 Tatooine scenes... Going to Mos Espa, Mos Espa Shops, Slave Quarters, Pod Racer Hangar and Tatooine Showdown. Enjoy... Be sure to tell me what you think of the new size.



Monday - July 20 - 2008


Wow what a weekend. I bet most of you also went to see Batman this weekend :) Did you See it in IMAX ??? MAN how impressive are those city shots, soooo beautifull, hats off to all the artists who worked on that film. It's been a LONG time suince I stood in line for more then 3 hrs to secure a good seat, and it brought back some of the excitement of going to the movies in the 70's and 80's blockbuster era. Definetaly NOT for the kids this movie is, but so far this summer, IronMan and Batman have really RAISED the BAR for Super Hero movies to come.



On to Dioramas... :) ... Today I have managed to upload NEW Deluxe pics of more Episode 1 scenes. this time from Coruscant... The Jedi Council and Galactic Senate . I realy do like to look at those Jedi pics, my customs really did turn out pretty cool. Be sure to tell me what you think of the new picture size. More tomorrow with Naboo

Wednesday - July 23 - 2008


Talk about the worst week of summer so far - rain, rain, rain and MORE rain, PLUS a huge storm today and POW - no electricity and a HUMONGOUS BOOM, our streets transformer exploded and took more then 26 hrs to repair/replace. Now it stopped raining (for 5 minutes LOL) and I rushed to the server in case power went out again.

So, I have managed to upload the FINAL Deluxe pics from Episode 1. Today brings us Naboo... Core Duel, Theed Courtyard, Gungan Battle, Queen Throne Room, Sacred Ruins and my fave Theed Hangar. I realy do hope you enjoy revisiting these or for the newcomers (welcome) for the very first time.

Be sure to tell me what you think of the new picture size. I'd like to find out if all this hard work is worth it .



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