Tuesday - January 06 - 2009


1) I'm so sorry I have been so so slow to update this last year. I was swamped with my cinema renovations (go to BluRay.com to see the results (and vote for me ;p - look for NiubNiub in the "most popular galleries" button on the left) and busy with Mom's Alzheimers.

2) Happy New Year !!! I wish all my loyal readers the BEST for 2009. I know it will be an amazing one.

3) I am back in San Francisco working at Lucasfilm's Industrial, Light & Magic. I legally can't tell you which summer blockbuster I am working on but it's gonna be a great year for Summer Movies !!!

What I can say is that being in San Francisco gives me a lot of FREE time at night, until the overtime kicks in, so I will be busy getting the Diorama section fully operational before month's end. This way you can at least link to the cool dioramas that started this whole adventure 9 years ago. I will update with some NEW HOPE pictures by friday. until then...

Have a great weeke... Frank D. NiubNiub


Monday - January 12 - 2009


I am really happy to let you know that ALL the links to the Episode 4 Tatooine Dioramas have now been fixed and placed online. Once again you can see Banthas, the Cantina, Mos Eisley Stormtrooper Blockade and the Mos Eisley streets.

Also updated is Yavin's Rebel Base Hangar and the Medal Ceremony.


Best of all, is the fixing of two of my all time personal fave works of mine... Princess Leia's Plans and the Falcon's Luke Blastshield Training diorama.

Mid-Week, I'll have all of the Death Star dioramas ready for you.
stay tuned...



Thursday - January 15 - 2009


Hey guys... what's up? I found some time off my busy ILM production to put up the FINAL links to the Episode 4 Dioramas. Head on over to the Diorama section to view all the Death Star scenes.

From my early 1999 scenes like the Chasm, Detention Block, Jedi Duel and Destruction of Alderaan.

Then you can see two of my all time favourites... Deluxe Trash Compactor and the Imperial Conference Room.

And for the first time ever... not seen since the Diorama Workshop at Celebration III... the Falcon Docking Bay. One of my MOST MOVIE ACCURATE scenes yet !!! I just wish I still had it at home so I could take pictures of it with the NEW MEGA Falcon. I guess I will have to make another ;p

Time for bed, I have a shot to deliver today, did I ever tell you all how cool it is to work at ILM :)

stay tuned for Empire Strikes Back Dioramas on the weekend...




Tuesday - January 20 - 2009


After almost 1 year offline, today I have fixed all the links to my Empire Strikes Back Dioramas.

Since the main reason you guys come to visit is to view the dioramas and how to make them at home, it is a little embarrasing that it took this long to bring them online again. Every page has been given the new design and BIGGER photos. You can view them for the first time or have fun revisiting some of your favourites.

Hoth Rebel Base, Wampa Cave, Bounty Hunters, Vader's secret and my fave... Bacta Tank Medical Center, it's all in NiubNiub's Dioramas section :)

stay tuned for the final missing Dioramas - Return of the Jedi... in the next couple of days.



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