Monday - March 02- 2009


One of the most useful things you can use if you want to create movie accurate dioramas are great resources. I have updated Niub Niub's Resource Guide Menu with a new look.

For now only the BOOKS sub-section has the new design. Here you will find a listing of all the books I use when starting a new diorama. Some may already be in your collection. Others you may want to order on Amazon or at your local bookstore.

More sections updated later in the week if....




For 2 weeks now, I have been having some really funky things happening to my dreamweaver pages. Once uploaded, they bug for Safari, I don't know why all of a sudden after 9 years of working perfectly, and now a * symbol mysteriously appears on NEW PAGES I AM DESIGNING - WHICH IS WEIRD AND I AM THINKING THE CAUSE OF MY PROBLEM. oops caps, sorry ;p

Also, NOW a SEVERE LAG is preventing me to type, and even OPEN my main page (the one you are reading now) normally. it took me over 1 hr to just type these 5 paragraphs. ONE LETTER POPPING UP ON SCREEN every 45 seconds after typing. NOT normal.

If I can't figure it out, I will have to wait till March when I return to Montreal to have friends who are tops in programing to check it out. Hopefully, Ill figure it out.

Stay tuned...



Monday - March 09- 2009 on FaceBook

Many of you I'm sure already have your very own Face Book page. Now you can join forces with other NiubNiub fans to share your Diorama pictures and tips and even make new friends over at NiubNiub's Facebook Page. This will be a great new addition to co-exist with NiubNiub's Visitors section.

Click here to join the fan page. or search for Frank D. Niub Niub.


Saturday - March 14 - 2009

Niub Niub's Birthday !!!

Well another year another birthday. I'm about to go out to dinner with my friends in San Francisco and some dancing. Wow...45 ;p LOL. It sure doesn't feel it :) and what better way to celebrate then to share the NEW Terminator Salvation Trailer with you guys...


Terminator 4 Trailer

I have 2 weeks left of work here at ILM until I return home to Montreal. Film is looking awesome as you can see in the NEW trailer that just came out this week. These 2 shots happen to be the ones I worked on and you can see them towards the end of the trailer.

I can't WAIT to see this film with you guys in the cinema, it's gona be a really really COOL ride. Click on the images to see the trailer on

Have a great weekend, stay tuned...






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