Saturday - October 31 - 2009


I've actually took the time to do a NEW post and guess what... I've REALY REALLLY MISSED making dioramas and chatting with you guys. It's been a rough 2 years for me and not over yet. Mom's alzheimers is still eating away slowly but surely and it's truly heartbreaking to know it's just a matter of time before it's all gone. Life is short, live for today !!! So on a more cheerfull note...



I wish I was in San Francisco with my friends for the mega party that is held at ILM every year. Their costumes are just INSANE !!! Here's one of mine from couple years back... those were the fun days.

I hope you get tons of candy, but don't eat em all at the same time cause you will get a tummy ache - I KNOW !!!! - LOL.



So I've managed to continue fixing broken links and get up to speed with the 2008 design changes... Today you can visit the NiubNiub Resource section and see what Materials, Videos, Magazines and Books help me in designing and building my dioramas. Perhaps you share some of the same, and maybe you will find some helpfull info to help in your future creations.

Enjoy and I will be back very very soon.

All the best





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