Monday - November 9 - 2009


How was your weekend? I'm just back from a week at my friend Greg's house in Ottawa and managed to catch up a lot on the older links that didn't yet have the 2008 site design. I will put all that up during the week, starting today with... The QuickTime:VR 360' Dioramas.

If you are new to the site and haven't visited this section yet, It is a way to view my dioramas as if you were here, in my home looking at the details in your own pace and directions using QuickTime's Virtual Reality technology. Apart from the 2008 cosmetic change update, I have made each QT:VR's BIGGER then their original 2002 incarnations. So come and view the Sarlaac Pit, Jabba's Throne, Theed Hangar or my Basement Diorama Room to name a few.

Looking back, I forgot how cool these were and I feel I should catch up and do some new ones in HI-RES for the newer Dioramas. If you agree that this is something you would like to see, send me an e-mail and let me know which scene you would like to visit first.

Gotta get back to my kitchen renovations, but stay tuned Wednesday for another update... stay tuned...

All the best




Wednesday - November 11 - 2009


TWO updates in the same week - how can that be ? :) I just finished measuring one of the most requested dioramas for the Making Of section that I will FINALLY post on friday. I have to transfer the info into Dreamweaver first. Be sure that MANY MANY of you will be VERY HAPPY and tell yourselves... FINALLY !!!! - LOL.

Today however I did have time to upload the new design for the Hasbro Commtech Chips section. Included with most of the Episode I Action Figures, these cool chips (apart from the sample rate - I loved the idea) can now be viewed AND listened to.

Just click on the chip of your choice and you can listen to their samples. I even have a couple of French Chips, not to be confused with French Fries - ugh - I know, I just couldn't resist the BAD joke.

Enjoy the nostalgia and see you Friday !!!



Friday - November 13 - 2009


See what happens when you make fun of my Ewok cousins - LOL. Don't mess with NiubNiub !!! :)

Last year when we were receiving figure donations for the Celebration Endor Diorama project, we opened this box of lovely figures that made us all laugh yet scared us at the same time. So what perfect way to celebrate Friday the 13th with a photo of the Endor Battle had Paul Verhoeven directed Return of the Jedi - LOL. It does show that Star Wars fans sure have a creative side.



Are you sitting down ? I hope so because if not, you probably fell on your butt in shock this morning ;p

Yes you are seeing clearly, after more then TWO years - how truly embarrassing for me - I have finally fixed and uploaded the Death Star Red Room in NiubNiub's Making Of section.

The Red Room Decals were online since the Celebration III workshop but no one knew how to assemble and build the room. Now the wait is over and I know what many of you will be doing this weekend :)

All that is missing now are to add the Blueprints and actual Diorama pics, That however, will have to wait until I make my own, you see the original that I made to take the Making Of pics, I gave away to a lucky fan at Celebration III. That was before I had the chance to take movie accurate pics with the figures - stupid me !!! The good news at least is that those pics won't stop you from now making your own Diorama.

Perhaps if you make one, you can put the figures inside and take pictures for me ? Send me an e-mail and find out how.

Have a GREAT WEEKEND !!!! I'm gonna go see 2012, looks SO cool, and do a few more changes to the site for more updates next week. Cheers...

Frank.D. NiubNiub



Monday - November 16 - 2009


Couple of years ago, huge fans of the site, Kevin and Nathen took it upon themselves to surprise me and use my diorama pictures to create a set of NiubNiub Widevision Trading Cards. How cool was that ? You can now go back and revisit the section with larger card viewing as well as easier navigation plus a cool NEW feature...

You can now find links to 200 dpi ready to PRINT 8.5"x11" pages so that you can create your own set at home and keep them with your other trading cards.

Series 1 - Star Wars in online today and I will upload the other Series during the week. Stay tuned....



Wednesday - November 18 - 2009


I've been busy cleaning up the rest of the NiubNiub Widevision Trading Cards. Today I am happy to add another set featuring most of my Episode V Dioramas, Looking back at these after 4-5 years still brings a smile to my face. Perhaps now I'll have to create my own version of Prequel cards since those films had not come out when Keven and Nathen created these.

As with the Series 1 cards, You can now find links to 200 dpi ready to PRINT 8.5"x11" pages so that you can create your own set at home and keep them with your other trading cards.

Series 2 - Empire Strikes Back in online today and I will upload the last Series Friday, Stay tuned....



Thursday - November 19 - 2009


For the longest time it seems, there were all kinds of bugs that crept into my figure review pages, well I managaed to at least fix the menus - LOL I am happy to say the NiubNiub's Choose a Character figure review is back online. At least where you can find them.

Not ALL the figures have the "modern" look, some have the vintage page script from almost 10 years ago !!! but the comments are all there for you to check out none the less. My goal is to one day catch up and have them all on "recipe" style cards that you can print and collect like I had started for the OTC waves.

Also, the automated code that Eva Blue did for me, I seem to have mixed that up, so for now, you can't add your comments to the reviews like in the past, but Eva said she'd look into the code and try to fix it sometime in the next 2 weeks. For now, enjoy the over 500 reviews I did in the first 7 years of the site. From past emails, it was a fan fave to see my love of CLOTH figures ;p hee hee.



Friday - November 20 - 2009


Today I bring you the final NiubNiub Widevision Trading Cards. I'm happy this section now fits with the final look of the site and going back to look at them brought great memories back for me. I just know I'll have to add my own cards and continue the Series sometime in the future...

As with the Series 1 and 2 cards, You can now find links to 200 dpi ready to PRINT 8.5"x11" pages so that you can create your own set at home and keep them with your other trading cards.

Series 3 - Return of the Jedi in online today and I completes the sets.

Have a great weekend, I'm off to dinner tonight for Mama NiubNiub's Birthday and try to get into 2012 tomorrow night, after finding all the shows Sold Out last weekend. See you next week, I'm hoping I'll have some Resource unveiling to show :)



Wednesday - November 25 - 2009


Getting ready for my 10th Anniversary next year means doing little changes to help you guys find what you are looking for as well as keeping a consistant design look for the site. Today I have updated for you NiubNiub's Making Of section.

Before you had lines of Text (that seemed organised at the time I created them) but now I have replaced that with mini rollover pics that let you quickly see where you are going.

By doing so, I have also divided each Episode in it's own Menu page, thus you have a Episode 4 Making Of Menu, Episode 5 Menu, Episode 6 Menu etc... Check it out and let me know if you find it easier to get around...



Has anyone gone to see this yet? My friends and I are going tonight, I can't wait !!! I will post pictures of the exhibit as well as my thoughts before the weekend. From what I hear, it's a great experience.

Have a great day, Frank. D. NiubNiu




One of the Deluxe Death Star Diorama rooms designed for Celebration III, The corridor where Obi-Wan and Darth Vader Duel to a fatefull end is now online in NiubNiub's Making Of section.

You can view the Step by Step pictures to recreate this awesome display at home. Tomorrow I will have ALL the Decals ready for you to Download as well, stay tuned for that...


Friday - November 27 - 2009


OK, I don't know what I'm getting myself into here - LOL - It's taken me most of the week to just get ONE diorama reference web ready, and I have ... 6 Episodes and 20+ areas that could make cool dioramas, did I tell you I flunked math in high school :P

So here we go... presenting NiubNiub's Diorama References.

The goal here is to help you create the BEST Dioramas that you can make at home and most important to your toy collection.... MOVIE ACCURACY. This section combined with my Blueprints, Decals, Making Of section and Diorama pictures should allow you to reach your full potential, AND give you hours of fun at home :)

Today is more a preview of what the finished section will look like since there are SOO many cool scenes spread out over the 6 movies. You can view the Episode 1 References Menu but ONLY the Queen's Throne Diorama has an active link. The good news is that I have ALL the pictures from the 6 films in my computer, I just have to place them in web based pages for you to click on. I will be putting out a few each week until all scenes are online.

You will notice THREE COOL FEATURES.... Clickable DVD Screen Captures of how the movie set appears in the film, Clickable BOOK Captures from behind the scenes sources and the coolest (and time consuming for me ;p) Each page has a link to their HI-RES 200 dpi PRINT READY 8.5"x11" sheet.

This section however has the potential of never being complete ... as we can add NEW found behind the scenes pics to their respective pages. I'll be counting on you guys to help out on that one.

Have a GREAT weekend, next week I'll have my review of the Star Wars Concert I went to on Wednesday. Tonight.... Lady Gaga in her tour's GRAND OPENING. How cool is that, to be the first in the WORLD to see a new show. Gotta LOVE Montreal :)






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