Tuesday - December 01 - 2009


Last week I had the chance to go see one of the coolest shows this side of the galaxy. Star Wars in Concert did a stopover in my home town of Montreal and I am glad they did.

Check out my pictures from last week's Montreal STAR WARS in CONCERT

There are many cool things about this idea, of doing a audio visual tour de force. I know not every city will be lucky enough to view Lucasfilms latest venture so you can see a few pictures of what the concert stage looked like, as well as the coolest part for us Star Wars fanatics... a traveling Lucasfilm Archive Exhibit.

I tried to get as many cool pictures I could in the limited time you have during intermission to walk around. I know online they say you have 45-60 minutes after the show to view them as well, but in our arena, the security was pushing EVERYONE OUT really FAST, NO stopping for picture taking for us. It could be a local union thing but don't take a chance, if you go, arrive early if you want to spend more then the 15-20 minutes alloted at intermission.

I also put in my 2 cents of what I liked and didn't like in my NiubNiub Concert Review and If it's coming to your city and you don't have tickets yet - GO !!!! Go NOW !!!! :) you won't regret it.



As many of you know, one of my contracts this year over at Industrial Light & Magic, was a little film called Termainator Salvation ;p

I had the choice of working on this film or Transformers 2. Since I had already worked on the first Transformers, and I found out they wanted to re-invent the Terminator franchise in the style of Batman, it was an easy choice. (plus the Bale tyrade turned into music video gave me one of the BEST work memory souvenir EVER - LOL - thanks Jay )


After seeing the finished film and it's dissapointing box office, will there be a 5? I don't know, but if they do, THAT will be the film everyone thought THIS was going to be. The trailers just made it seem FULL of action which is what 5 and 6 would have been as this is the " planed trilogy intro" movie for all the characters.

I personally don't think T4 is THAT bad... it could have been way better if the toy companies hadn't gotten involved and McG be alowed to make an Adult film like T2 instead of a watered down kiddie version to sell action figures. Still, I'm very proud of the work my friends and I did, and I'll post what shots I worked on soon, in a revamped "Niub in the real world" section.

Terminator comes out TODAY. If your expectations are low, you will like it. There's WAY worse out this year that's for sure ;p and Get it in BLU, it's the only way to go :)



Friday - December 04 - 2009


I was going to disperse these but it's the weekend and you will have lots time to look at all of them so why not place them all for you to see today :)

If you check out NiubNiub's Diorama References section, you will notice in the Episode 1 References Menu, not 1, not 2 or 3, not 4, not 5 but 6 - yes SIX NEW scenes. Don't you love the Ewoks now - LOL. Let's start off with Naboo... Check out Queen Amidala's Palace Hallways as well as Palace Staircase pictures.

Next you can see the Trade Federation ship's Conference Room followed by a visit to Tatooine, Mos Espa Streets. Now hop into Queen Amidala's Royal Starship and visit the R2 Droid Cargo Hold before warping to Coruscant and the Jedi High Council.

These of course are the start of what I am hoping will help you maximize the quality and accuracy of your upcoming Diorama Creations. There are sooo many still to complete for Episode 1 alone as you can tell from the Darkened "coming soon" buttons in the Episode 1 Reference Menu.

Enjoy the pics, Enjoy your weekend, I'll have more updates for you next week

all the best

Frank D. NiubNiub



Wednesday - December 09 - 2009


Wow, this took a LOT longer to prepare then I expected, I wanted to post this monday but it took an extra 2 days to get all the links/pages ready for you all. Without wasting any more time... my latest updated section is... NiubNiub's Movie Prop Collection.

If you enjoy movies like I do, I bet you also enjoy purchasing some items that cost a little more then your Hasbro Figures, hee hee. In this section you will see the items I have purchased to display in my home theater.

Star Wars of course prevails, but you will also find some items I've purchased from the films I've worked on. It's a cool way to remind me how lucky I am to get paid to play with visual effects that entertain all of you guys.

By clicking on the Menu, you will be able to see what's coming when all the links will be active. Today however, you will also notice that ALL links to Don Post helmets... Darth Vader, Tie Pilot, Anakin Pod Racer and more..., Riddell Mini Helmets... Boba Fett, Darth Vader, C-3P0 and more..., my FXarmor Stormtrooper Costume, and Illusive Maquettes... plus Life size Yoda and Han Solo Carbonite to name a few.

You may notice some blur in the pictures, as most are scaled up versions from the original section design. Back in the OLD days, there was NO CABLE internet :) I had to save low to mid sized pics for the slow modem speeds which are of no more worries in 2010+. I am currently doing major renovations in my loft, and once that is done, I'll have access to a clean room and take better and BIGGER pics and movies to share with you AND show NEW pics of some really COOL stuff like the NEW Lifesize C-3P0 and R2-D2 from Sideshow Collectibles (I am now broke - LOL) Stay tuned...

Have a great day, enjoy the Props Section.

Frank D. NiubNiub



Saturday - December 12 - 2009


4 more scenes have been uploaded to NiubNiub's Diorama References Section. All from Episode I as I am trying to complete that movie before moving on to the next film.

Visit Tatooine and check out stills from the Pod Race Hangar, Pod Race Pit Stop and the Slave Quarters... the neighborhood where Anakin's house is located. Then on Naboo, the Theed Palace Core contains a whopping 32 reference photos will surely help you create the most accurate Maul vs Jedi Duel Diorama. I can't wait to revisit this one soon.

As with ALL reference pictures, you can click on their HI-RES link and get 200dpi PRINT READY versions to facilitate your creations.

Stay tuned for more pics next week... have a GREAT weekend... Are you ready for the NEW DECADE ??? !!! ???

Frank D. NiubNiub



Wednesday - December 16 - 2009


A real quick update today... I've managed to update the Episode I Flashback Cards with the site's new design and simplify things a little. These cards came packed with figures just before the Episode I Film release to give a sneak preview at how the characters in the NEW movie compare or relate to their CLASSIC versions.


I placed all 11 cards on one page and as you roll over them, you see the image you got when pulling the tab. When I have time later next year, I'll add some QuickTime movies of the actual pulling for those of you that haven't ever seen these. They are pretty neat.

I'll have more updates later in the week, most likely the weekend since I'm going to the Midnight AVATAR screening thursday night :) Anyone else going to the midnight show?




Friday - December 18 - 2009


Hey guys, quick update... it's 4 am and I just got back from AVATAR IMAX premiere. WOW, my friends at Weta and ILM - and all the other companies, OUTDID themselves with this one. You really forget you are watching Blue People and sometimes think this is real people. The acting is really that good.

If you have the chance this weekend... GO !!!! and if you have a IMAX cinema in your city, go to that instead of the regular cinema, it really DOES make a difference.

My Renovation guys are coming at 7 am , so I got 3 hrs sleep, ugh - what am I doing at 45 going to midnight premieres LOL. I have couple more Reference pics that are almost done, I'll try to get that up later in the day. Time for bed...




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