Friday - January 01 - 2010


Happy New Year everyone !!! Not only a new year but a NEW DECADE !!! I can remember like it was last year when everyone was freaking out about changing from 99 to 00 and that all our computers were going to self destruct and take over the world and turn us into Bantha Poodoo, ok, that last part I made up ;)

I hope you had a wonderfull and Safe New Years Eve with your friends and family last night and that today is the start of a wonderfull NEW year filled with love, friends, laughter and most important - cool Star Wars Toys - LOL.

I am very happy that I have been able to get back into semi regular posts again and just amazed at how much I missed it all, which brings me to...





To all my new fans and those who have been following me over the last TEN years - I have trouble believing it's been that long since the summer of 2000 when I did my first ever post :) . . .

The site went through four or is it five design change/improvements since then but always with the goal of how to aid you the most in your home Star Wars Diorama creations. When my friends at work encouraged me to make a site to show my creations, I thought how big headed that would be to just show off, but when I got the idea to make this site "educational" for lack of better word, I really started to get excited at the idea.

Seeing the hobby of Star Wars Diorama building grow over the years with the site's motivation and the continued GROWING Celebration Diorama Workshops I've organised every couple of years and, to end the decade with Hasbro, creating a DIORAMA CONTEST in 2009, even though it was closed to us Canadians :( - is just an awesome.

I want to apologise to my long time fans for the severe lack of updates the past 2 years as well as any NEW diorama creations apart from Celebration IV's Endor Forrest - Which was UBER COOL by the way :) - due mostly to my mom's evil Alzheimers disease. I don't wish that on any of you or your family, but that's another story... I am happy to say that these past 2-3 months I have slowly been ramping back up to speed, getting all the older broken links functioning again and implementing the anniversary design to the older pages. You gotta remember that even though the site may look like there are a full team of designers and programers and artists, It's still just me and my Mac :)

So the good news and resolution for 2010 is that I have gotten the Diorama bug back big time, and that once the older pages and links get all bedazled (which I'm thinking another 2 months or so) and the renovations of my loft get completed and the dust settled, I can reopen the workshop and start building me some NEW scenes !!! I can't Wait !!!




So the NEW DECADE also means OUT with the OLD and IN with a NEW IMPROVED - at least I think so LOL - NIUBNIUB MAIN MENU.

Above is the all text menu that has been around for 2 years now I think, it even confused me from time to time, so I can only imagine what a headache it could have been for you guys and girls. So below is what the NEW first timer friendly (and old timers) menu looks like...

With the "Graphic picture" menu buttons I've implimented in the last couple of months in sections like the Blueprints, Diorama References, Widevision Cards etc... I realised that I should create similar buttons for the MAIN MENU page since it's where most of you first start off. And now with the aid of thumbnail pictures, the sections are even easier to find and navigate. I hope you all like it and agree surfing through the hundreds of NiubNiub Pages have indeed become more user friendly.




To help celebrate the TEN YEAR Anniversary of the site as well as getting some input on what Dioramas you would like to see me build in 2010, I thought it would be fun to get to know YOU a little better also :)

So I created this little virtual NiubNiub Guestbook section, All I need from you is to send me an E-MAIL with ... your NAME, AGE, YEAR you first visited the site, FAVE SECTION of the site, FAVE Star Wars EPISODE, WISHLIST for up to THREE Dioramas you want to see in 2010 and ANY ANNIVERSARY stories you want to share.

You can see an example of what I'm talking about in NiubNiub's GuestBook Section. Don't be shy... 2010 is the year of fan interaction !!! :)



As if all this excitement wasn't enough... I've resurected the Hasbro Jedi Force Files section from under the bed and organised them with the 10th anniversary look of the site. Not only that, but you can click on HI-RES links to read them up close and personal.

These cards replaced the Commtech chips as premiums and came packaged with the Power of the Jedi action figures in 2000. At the time I thought they were really lame compared to the coolness of the Commtech's having speach and all - ok, bad speech LOL, but still awesome !!! :) but now, 10 years later, I can better appreciate all the work that went into them, they are indeed a pretty cool pack-in.

So if you didn't collect figures way back in 2000 or have your Force Files still packaged and want to see what they looked like, well here's you chance :) Enjoy !!!

and untill next time...

Frank.D NiubNiub signing out to go eat a HUGE italian style New Year dinner at my aunt Matte's house. mmmmm. Wish you could all join me - NOT - more great food to myself to bring home as leftovers - hee hee.


Monday - January 11 - 2010


Hello everyone, welcome back, I hope you all got tons of cool gifts and many Star Wars Toys, there sure were some really really cool stuff released last year.

I am so glad to be done with all the parties and dinners, I must have gained 20 pounds - ugh, it's hard to say no to your italian aunt when you have a table full of amazing food LOL. Time to get back to my kitchen renovations and some site updates in between.




Speaking of toys ... :) I have spent last week updating ALL the broken links to NiubNiub's VINTAGE Star Wars figures reviews...

I remember my mom getting me the first batch of these when I was 12 back in the good old 70's :) You can now view every figure from my vintage collection, read my thoughts and best of all, you can click and send me YOUR thoughts to be included in the reviews.

I have also created a NEW design for the Figure Review Menu, which shows you what card collections you are looking at, and by weeks end, should be fully functioning.

If you see any broken links, and NOT JUST for this section but ANYWHERE on the site that you come accross, PLEASE, don't be shy and REPORT BROKEN LINKS. I have so many pages, it's hard to keep track, I welcome your help anytime !!! :)




I got this little beauty from Amazon just before the weekend. I LOVE IT !!!!

Star Wars: 1,000 Collectibles: Memorabilia and Stories from a Galaxy Far, Far Away is not really a reference book for Dioramas, but if you collect Star Wars toys, it's a lot of fun to see just what's out there. What we already have in our collections, what we can't afford and what CRAZY idea was THAT !!! LOL

A great addition to your Star Wars library and written by our fellow collector Steve Sansweet. If you want to buy it, follow the link and help support the site.



Saturday - January 16 - 2010


Good morning everybody, I wanted to update all of these at the same time but it's taking me longer to set up the web links so I decided to show you these first and the remaining Episode I Diorama Reference pics on Monday.

Today you can check out the Royal Starship's Hyperdrive Bay, the Trade Federation's Bridge ( I can't wait to build this one :) as well as the final 3 coruscant references... CityScapes, Palpatine's Apartment (another fave on my wish list) and Queen Amidala's Dressing Room Apartment.

Have a great weekend, I'll have a HUGE reference update Monday. Make sure to come back for that. Until then, take care, happy building... :)



Wednesday - January 20 - 2010


Hey everybody, today I am happy to give you the FINAL Episode I Diorama Reference pictures.

You can check out references for your Naboo Dioramas... Gungan Battle Mountains, Gungan Underwater City, Queen Palace Hangar, Queen 's Alley and Queen's Courtyard.

You can also see the remaining Tatooine references... Anakin's Backyard, Anakin's Home, GraGra Mos Espa Shop, Mos Espa Outskirts, Pod Race Bleechers, Jabba's Box Seat, Watto's Box Seat, Starting Line, Watch Tower, TV Booth (I still can't believe they made this figure - ugh LOL) Watto's Shop and finally Watto's Junkyard.

Well thats ALL of them :) If you are making a Episode I Diorama that isn't in the making of section, then these pictures will certainly help you, and myself when I get around to them. Next up we shall celebrate this years BIG anniversary...

The Empire Strikes Back :) !!! I can tell you that many new dioramas this year will be from Episode V.



Monday - January 25 - 2010


Good morning, the weekend is over and already SO close to the end of the first month of the new decade. Where does the time go ? Speaking of time... Let's go back in time to 1995 and the birth of a new era in Star Wars toys.

It all started with the Power of the Force 2 figures. And 15 years later, they are still going strong. Today you will find all the figures that were released in 1995 including Ben Kenobi, C-3P0, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Prince Leia, ugh, I mean Princess Leia :)

1995 also brought us some cool ships... Electronic Falcon, Tie Fighter, X-wing, AT-ST and more...

Not only can you read my thoughts on the figures I purchased along the years, but you can also leave your OWN thoughts for all to see. PLUS, each figure has a DIRECT LINK to the NiubNiub Star Wars Diorama they call home :)

The main POTF Figure Review Menu contains EVERY figure that I bought that was released under the POTF card waves, however ONLY the 1995 figures have active links. Stay tuned later in the week for the 2006 links and 10th anniversary design. Of course, many of the newer figures can also be viewed using the NiubNiub STar Wars Figure Review Menu.



Wednesday - January 27 - 2010


Hello everyone, are you ready to revisit the Death Star ??? :) Originally designed and displayed at Celebration III, I present to you the Death Star Falcon Docking Bay.

I've finally finished the Step by Step instructions for one of the BIGGEST Dioramas you can make for your display room. More then 25 pages and 245 photos await your viewing pleasure.

When I created this Diorama the MEGA BIG Millenium Falcon hadn't yet been released, So imagine having a cool place to display THAT BEAUTY :)

If you feel motivated, then you will probably need some Decals :p




So to help you make your own Death Star Docking Bay Diorama, I've compiled all the Decals you will need in NiubNiub's Download Section.

Simply download then Print and you are ready to go. Just Follow the Step by Step instructions in the Making Of Section. Enjoy !!! more to come...

Have a great day everybody, back to renovation dust for me - LOL.





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