Tuesday - April 06 - 2010


I just wanted to say sorry for the slow updates these past weeks, A long time friend (15+ years) has just served Legal Papers on me for my kitchen renovation from hell. I must focus on resolving this the quickest way possible which is sad since this year being the 30th Empire Birthday - I should be concentrating on more FUN things in life then this mess.

A word of advice from NiubNiub... NEVER mix Friends and MONEY. And NEVER let your friends (I use the word loosely) do contracting work for you WITHOUT A CONTRACT. When you are TOO nice and NAIVE with who you believe to be "friends" It blows up in your face.

Better hire PROFESSIONALS who take their work seriously and treat their clients with respect and remember.... the EWOKS were TRIUMPHANT in the end ;P




To try and bring me out of my real life nightmare I am also preparing some little TESTS that I will soon be able to divulge to you and make a BIG announcement.

MMMM, I wonder what that could be ??? Any ideas? Send me your assumptions, I'd love to see how many of you will guess the correct answer :)

Have a great week, I'm off to Ottawa to breathe in some well deserved fresh air away from my awfull kitchen. I'll write back in Monday. Frank.




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