Monday - May 10 - 2010


Hey guys and gals, what a crazy week I've spent. I knew that Math is not my strong point but now I know for sure just how difficult it is to be an accountant LOL. I'm trying to finish this proposal you see ;p and i've started dreaming numbers, numbers and more numbers :) What proposal may you ask would be so important to keep an Ewok awake long nights... here's a little peak for the very curious.

Those who have been visiting the past couple years may have a head start on you newbies ;p I'm hoping I'll be able to do the BIG reveal and spill all the beans within the next week or so. Stay tuned for MANY MANY updates once that happens....

I'm off to an interview for my next film project. wish me luck ...

Have a GREAT MONDAY !!!!



Saturday - May 22 - 2010


WOW I can't believe it... 30 years ago today My Mom, Natalie DesTroisMaisons and I went to the first day screening of one of the BEST Science Fiction movies ever made....

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was 16 and my friend Natalie was 14 and we were accompanied with my 55 year old Mom. I just had the greatest mom. She just LOVED science Fiction films and TV as much as we did and she was willing and BRAVE enough to take us on the FIRST DAY - LOL. Now back then, movies did NOT open in 5,000 cinemas at once. Empire played at TWO cinemas in the city. and Montreal is a BIG city. Back then, you had to lign up wayyyyy early to get a good seat for a much anticipated movie like this.

We arrived at noon to buy the tickets for the 3 o'clock show. I was so excited that I ran ahead to see there were only 6 people in front of us at the box office. I was THRILLED. YES !!! We will get great seats, we are the first !!! After my mom bought the tickets we went to go into the cinema lobby. The usher QUICKLY STOPPED US. "Oh no no no, not through here for Star Wars. you have to take the Elevator" What was he talking about, what elevator???

After a 30 second ride, the doors open and my Jaw Dropped to the floor. We were on the ROOF of the hi-rise building where the cinema was located. and worse.... there were 400 people lined up going around and around the 4 corners of the rooftop. I was CRUSHED. OH NO... Were gonna be sitting in the wayyyy back. :(

Well 2 and a half hours later, we started 30 at a time riding the elevator back down to the lobby. It seemed like we only waited 10 minutes there was so much anticipation and energy up there. Well we got in and didn't sit wayyy back but a nice center seat 20 or so rows from the screen. The film zoomed by, people jumped up and CHEERED after the AT-AT battle. It was so much more magical an experience back then. You don't see much clapping in cinemas now a days, it's a little sad. Then Han was Frozen, and Vader was Lukes Father then the credits rolled and all I remember are TWO THINGS....

1) Oh my GOD, we have to WAIT 3 YEARS to see what happened to Han Solo !!!!! and...


Happy 30th empire. You really are the CROWN of the Star Wars Movies. And who knew 30 years later, I would have the honor and joy of now working at the same company that made me smile for 2 hrs that saturday afternoon.

Do YOU remember your first screening? were you old enough to go see the film way back in 1980?

I can't wait till August and pay tribute to my fave Star Wars film the way only NiubNiub can :)





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