Saturday - JUNE 12 - 2010


Today's post is brought to you by the letter B ...

Butter? Best? Bugs Bunny? Broom? Banana? Bananarama? Bangles? Big? Big Bird? Betlejuice? Any Suggestions what this Post can be?

First FIVE to discover and e-mail me the answer wins a COOL VERY exclusive SECRET Prize. You MUST GUESS the FULL Text. MORE clues every day... mmmmm.... (Scratch your head here) LOL.



Sunday - JUNE 13 - 2010


Today's post is brought to you by the letter ... M? N? W?..

Margarine? Worstershire? Nouvelle Cuisine? Moonraker? New Brunswick? Worms? Any Suggestions what this Post can be? I'm getting confused. ;p

WOW Another CLUE on the SAME DAY :) Is that an E? I? 3? another B? BIC? yeah BIC PENS !!!

First FIVE to discover and e-mail me the answer wins a COOL VERY exclusive SECRET Prize. You MUST GUESS the FULL Text. MORE clues every day... mmmmm.... (Scratch your head here) LOL.



Monday - JUNE 14 - 2010


Today's Clues are brought to you by the letter ... M? N? W?..

Margarine? Worstershire? Nouvelle Cuisine? Moonraker? New Brunswick? Worms? Any Suggestions what this Post can be?

First FIVE to discover and e-mail me the answer wins a COOL VERY exclusive SECRET Prize. You MUST GUESS the FULL Text. MORE clues every day... mmmmm.... (Scratch your head here) LOL.



Tuesday - JUNE 15 - 2010


Today's Clues are brought to you by the letter ... M? N? W?..

Big NEW...s ??? OK< TRUE, but WHAT IS the NEWS ? :) that is the mystery question. Seek out the BLUE to answer your CLUE :P Any Suggestions what this Post can be?

First FIVE to discover and e-mail me the answer wins a COOL VERY exclusive SECRET Prize. You MUST GUESS the FULL Text. MORE clues every day... mmmmm.... (Scratch your head here) LOL.


Wednesday - JUNE 16 - 2010


Today's Clues are brought to you by the letter ... Well no letters really ;p Seems it's all spelled out for ya.

So we now know there's BIG NEWS coming soon, but the answer to the question is... WHAT is THE news??? Email me your answer and you could win a really COOL EXCLUSIVE prize.

First FIVE to discover what is spelled out in the BLUE text, WINS. You MUST GUESS the EXACT FULL Text. No more, no less.

Good luck, it can't get easier then this, well OK< maybe tomorrow if I don't find 5 winners today...



Thursday - JUNE 17 - 2010


Today's Clues are brought to you by ... NO ONE !!!

I was gonna post a last really EASY Clue Pic but no need as WE HAVE OUR 5 WINNERS !!!! Lots of guesses, NOT Enough words, others, a few too many. I will post TOMORROW the NAMES of the winners and what they will win.



Make sure to check in tomorrow for some REALLY REALLY BIG NEWS you DON'T want to MISS. I am so excited, I can hardly stand it no more LOL.

Frank. D. NiubNiub




Friday - JUNE 18 - 2010


Hey everyone, I know I promised some BIG NEWS TODAY, but even Ewoks must listen to their Jedi Masters :) So I have to hold on just a LITTLE LONGER before I can share the news... Stay tuned NEXT WEEK, there will be a LOT of COOL UPDATES - YES YES - I promise you :)

Have a great weekend !!! Frank. D. NiubNiub



Monday - JUNE 21 - 2010


Hope you had a great weekend, I've been swamped getting my renovations ready for my bathroom. Anyone know how to TimeWarp 3 months ahead from now and have it done already. Now on the good side I have some VERY COOL NEWS.... NiubNiubsUniverse.Com is now adding Video Tutorials !!!

Yes it's true, 10 years ago, it was ALL about the still images, then Cable Internet gave us BIGGER pictures and NOW, EVERYONE does video right? :) Starting today, you can click the YouTubeNNU button to View the NiubNiubsUniverse.Com channel on You Tube. Mmmm, I think 98% of you had guessed that already ;p

Once there, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE and let me know what you think as often as you can, your comments will help me grow this idea of mine into hopefully a very important companion to the site's already THOUSANDS of Step by Step Making Of pictures.

Today you can view a PEAK that John and I did while preparing for Celebration IV's Ewok Diorama Workshop. I wish we had had the time to film the FINISHED Diorama with the speeders properly, but heading the volunteers at such a huge event just takes so much of your time and energy, you can't think of anything else.

So enjoy the viseo, PLEASE Subscribe, TELL YOUR FRIENDS :) and by the end of this week, there should be my FIRST EVER Step By Step Instructional Video of my FIRST NEW DIORAMA in more then TWO, no THREE YEARS. Man times flies. I KNOW you will LOVE IT... stay tuned

Frank. D. NiubNiub

OH... PS... THIS is NOT THE BIG NEWS that I was supposed to post Last Friday. I'm HOPING (fingers crossed) I can do that before Wednesday. A BIG week lies ahead for loyal and NEW NiubNiub fans...



Wednesday - JUNE 23 - 2010


As most of you have guessed by now, the BIG NEWS around the Ewok Universe these days is...


Not only will this be my FOURTH Diorama Workshop for Lucasfilm, but it is shaping up to be THE BEST and MOST FUN !!! And that's just by working on the prototypes :) The materials and techniques are some of the most kid friendly and just COOL. The Instant Snow alone, is all it takes to put a HUGE SMILE on your face for the day. :)

So get ready to be BOMBARDED with LOTS of UPDATES between now and August, where I will find time to sleep I have NO clue LOL, I'm already freaking out that next week is JULY !!!! Wasn't NEW YEARS just 1 Month ago ???

As you can tell by the Logo, we are traveling to HOTH this year, and making are you ready... a 30 FOOT X 60 FOOT Rebel Echo Base. Complete with Interior AND Exterior scenes, capturing ALL the excitement of the Hoth scenes in Empire Strikes Back. There will be NO SHORTAGE of PHOTO OPS - That's for sure.

You will have the choice of building INTERIOR ROOMS like one of the "U" Hallways pictured below ...

... or EXTERIOR AREAS like Trenches and Wampa Caves. (pictures coming soon). Not to mention the Hoth Snowscapes showcasing FOUR of Hasbro's NEW GIANT MEGA AT-AT toys. (Which will be given away as prizes in a drawing held on the Sunday for all Workshop Participents under the age of 14)

There will be SO many PRIZES and GIVEAWAYS from ILM, LucasArts and Lucasfilm as we had in 2007 but more on that in coming days... There is just SO MUCH NEWS to share about what I have planned for all you loyal Diorama Builders - and NEWBIES too :P Make sure to visit often between NOW and Celebration V to be able to maximise and plan out your Echo Base Workshop Eperience.

So today I have created and made public the Celebration V NiubNiub Diorama Workshop Menu. Here is where you will find ALL the LINKS to EVERYTHING related with my involvement at Celebration V. Starting with the IMPORTANT reveal of our 2010 Celebration V Figure Fund. You can read all about it in detail by CLICKING HERE. It was a HUGE success at CIV, and we DO NEED YOUR HELP to make Echo Base the BEST Hoth Diorama EVER CREATED. 60 feet is a LOT of floor space for toys to live in :) More menu links will UNLOCK as we get closer to August.

Stay tuned later in the week for your FIRST GLIMPSE at what we - YOU - are building including Blueprints, Step by Step previews AND my FIRST YouTubeNNU Tutorial Video!! You don't want to miss that!!!

OK, I'm out of breath now , go check out the CV section and I can't say thank you enough to all involved for making this happen again, Especially Philip Wise for getting this crazy ball rolling 10 years ago, Mary Franklin and Steve Sansweet at Lucasfilm, My devoted Staff of volunteers (I'll name you all in a seperate story later ;p) and of course ALL THE FANS who actually come and spend EACH DAY with us at the Diorama Workshop making us laugh so much and feed our brains with the most joyfull memories. I TRULY CANNOT WAIT for August to arrive, even though I still have Oh My God, SOOOO much to plan LOL.

Best to all on this Happy Happy NiubNiub day :D

Frank. D. NiubNiub



Friday - JUNE 25 - 2010


Congratulations go out to... Daniel Gerber - Keven Reinke - A.J. Darrow - Michael Mead and Michael Svejgaard. These 5 fellas were the FIRST to CORRECTLY identify the "scret News" as being the announcement of the Celebration V Echo Base 2010 Diorama Workshop.

The MYSTERY prize is my LIMITED EDITION Workshop Pin. ONLY Staff, Lucasfilm and Hasbro personnel will get these as THANK YOU's for having us on board again. 5 extra ones will be made for our winners.



My good old friend (and returning Celebration V Senior Staff :) Jamie Follis, better know to the webbies as Sillof, has finally put Part I of his just TOO COOL film TOY WARS on You Tube today. If you ever wondered what it would be like to see my dioramas in motion, look no further and click on the logo below.

Jamie has been making Star Wars Dioramas, I think, even LONGER then NiubNiub, can you believe that? ;p

His works are on par with the BEST out there and dare I say, some even better then my own, which is a great motivation to up the ante with every creation. Artists have to keep on their toes you know :)

Anyhow, Jamie has managed to do what I have been thinking of for a long time, but too lazy ( ugh I mean BUSY, yeah cough cough, BUSY) to do so myself. The simplicity of the way the figures move around his Dioramas is BRILLIANT. It just makes me GRIN like you can't believe. So if you know Star Wars by heart when you close your eyes, love Star Wars toys and Dioramas, then you MUST go check it out.



Sunday - JUNE 27 - 2010


I'm going to visit my friend Greg in Ottawa this week so I wanted to put 3 days of posts into ONE :) I'm sure making up for 2 sloooowwwwwww past years ;p. Real life is starting to become normal again and I'm having some more free time to get back to what I love, Making Star Wars Dioramas in my spare time.

PLUS, there is this LITTLE convention coming up that I am in charge of building this Echo Base thing ;p So if updates is what you wanted, you shall be getting TONS from now until I leave for the convention in August. Get your Coffee or Hot Coco and LET'S GET STARTED !!!!



Here is the FIRST PUBLIC VIEW of what you will be BUILDING at the Echo Base Diorama Workshop. As you know the group effort is a 30 foot X 60 foot Hoth Planet with Rebel Base. and that base has LOTS of Hallways :) Since everyone's own creation must all fit together like Lego pieces, I designed 2 Hallway types, The "U" Hallway with roof and the more KID FRIENDLY "L" Hallway that you can see today.

The "L" Style hallway consists of a wall and a floor, is intented for the Beginner Builder and takes about ONE HOUR or TWO to create from start to finish. These "L" Hallways may look simplistic, but play a vital part to the look of the base as they act as the backdrop of the "U" Hallways. You will see what I mean later in the week, when I unveil the "U" Hallway Tutorials.

If you LOVE the NiubNiubsUniverse.Com Step By Step section you may LOVE the NEW VIDEO on...



Not only is my FIRST NiubNiub Making Of update in more then 2 years, or is it 3? yikes !!! online today, I have SPICED IT UP a little. Way back when I started the site there was NO Cable Internet, just the old dialup Bantha Poop, well ok, it had to start somewhere :) Today's fast connections mean MORE POWER and FASTER Access for you guys, so why not take advantage of Celebration V's Diorama Workshop Previews then to add BIG BIG pictures in the Step by Step guides.

As you can see, Before the text was on the left of the images, which was cool, but when you look at TODAY's version, the images take CENTER STAGE with the Instructions below the photos, which is actually a little easier to follow in my opinion.

What do you think? Do you guys like the NEW LOOK?




OK, here it is, are you sitting down? LOL. Joking aside, I am VERY VERY PROUD of this NEWEST SECTION... I have wanted to do something like this for a very long time, and the combination of YouTube's technology (existance) and Celebration V in August, have kicked my butt into HIGH GEAR and got my creative juices flowing :)

Today you can grab a cup of Coffee or Hot CoCo and enjoy 5 minutes of pure joy ;p YES, the Video Companion to this site's Making Of Diorama Section... the You Tube NNU Echo Base "L" Hallway Diorama Video Tutorial !!!

Knowing I just bought my Sony HD Camera Tuesday and opened i-movie for the first time ever Wednesday, I'd say it looks pretty darn AWESOME !!! What's even MORE COOL then that? the fact that MANY MANY MORE are on their way. I have to have every builders option for the convention designed and ready for August, So expect a lot more HOTH tutorials in the coming weeks.

If you like the video, please spread the word to your friends and why not SUBSCRIBE to YouTubeNNU. Feeback Comments are also VERY WELCOME as these will help me mold the coming videos into what works BEST for YOU GUYS. It is there to help you build afterall. Not just show my pretty face you know ;p



As if all this excitement wasn't enough - ooooffffff - I'm out of breath :) I have activated the Echo Base Hallway pictures in the NiubNiub Episode V Diorama Reference Menu. Here you will be able to examine closely AND in HI-RES photos from the film's sets to make your diorama as authentic as the real thing !!!

Of course the remainder of the HOTH References should/will be unlocked between now and August.




Last but not least... The Echo Base ":L" Hallways Blueprint is NOW ONLINE. You can download and Print it on your home computer and use the measurements and information in conjuction with the Step By Step Tutorials to recreate your OWN version starting Today !!!

It's a fun way to practice for the Celebration V Convention or to follow along with us if you cannot attend the show in August. Well, as Porky Pig would say... that's all folks. I hope I started your week with a smile.

I'm out of town till Wednesday, so no updates until then. See you then... TONS of COOL stuff heading your way. Frank.




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