Saturday - JULY 03 - 2010


Well good morning everyone, I am back from Ottawa a little later then planed, I decided to catch the Canada Day Fireworks at the Capitol's Parliement with family and friends. So I have some catching up to do for the YouTubeNNU edits that I wish to unveil before weeks end. I am filming 4 segments tuesday and should have the first ready for Friday.

For now, I am pleased to show you the FIRST THREE of TEN EXCLUSIVE Celebration V "10th Anniversary" NIubNiubsUniverse Postcards.

Fans and Visitors of the Workshop will be able to pick these up Everyday during the Celebration V Convention. A special SIGNED edition will be available as 11:38 Prizes... More on that very soon. You WON'T want to miss your chance at winning these AWESOME prizes ... some of which only ILM employees can have a hold of when working on a movie. But I', getting ahead of myself ;p NiubNiub such a tease :D






Since I was away longer then planed and didn't update all week, I thought the LEAST I could do is to share with you my EXCITEMENT of where we are with our prototypes.

This is what Andre and I ended up with at 1:30 am last Monday. The FINAL dimensions and "technique" to plug all the pieces together to make it all seem ONE person created the entire base. Lego Style if you will. With some imagination and Eye Squinting, I think you can get a GREAT IDEA of what this ENORMOUS Diorama will look like. I am just thrilled it's coming together like this, but there is still LOTS to do and ONLY 1 MONTH - HELP ME OBI WAN KENOBI !!!! Indeed. LOL.

Visit often this week for multiple updates...Frank.



Sunday - JULY 04 - 2010


Today is a quick update, I reveal to you the NEXT 3 Celebration V NiubNiub 10th Anniversary Postacrds. These 3 Cards will be given away on DAY 2. Click Here to see what Dioramas I have chosen to celebrate my 10 years online. More cards tomorrow... and a GREAT forgotten SURPRISE :)



Tuesday - JULY 06 - 2010


Good morning everyone, has everyone survived Canada Day / ID4 weekend? LOL. It was GREAT weather here, BBQ, Rooftop Terrasse, Great Friends, Can't ask for more then that... Unless you want to see some Celebration V Goodies that is :)

Let's check out the NEXT 2 Celebration V NiubNiub 10th Anniversary Postacrds. These 2 Cards will be given away on DAY 3: Saturday. Click Here to see what Dioramas I have chosen to celebrate my 10 years online. Last cards revealed tomorrow...



As I am in FULL GEAR finishing (ok, in the middle of... is it really July ??? HELP !!! LOL) I thought why not gather up ALL the photos from Celebration IV's Ewok Landscaping Diorama Workshop and link them together in a little video for my NiubNiub YouTubeNNU Channel.

This is only my 2nd video in what will surely become a fan favorite of the site. I have gotten many great feedback of people really liking to see the Step by Step tutorials in Moving Form. So for those of you who came and participated at the workshop in 2007, Enjoy a nice 4 minute ride back in time, maybe you will even see yourselves. For the newbies, this will surely give you a good hint for what to expect come August and Hoth. :)



While preparing upcoming web sections for Celebration V's Hoth Echo Base Diorama Workshop, I came accross a folder with a LOT of DUST on it ;p I didn't even know I had this, It has been over 3 years ago, and I guess in the crazy shuffle of getting home after the convention and 6 months of overtime at ILM finishing my Transformers compositing shots, it got pushed to the side.

Well I don't remember doing it, but I actually took video footage of the COMPLETED FOREST from Celebration IV's Ewok Landscaping Diorama Workshop and edited them together last night in iMovie so that I could show you the video on my NiubNiub YouTubeNNU Channel.

The video isn't the BEST quality since this was on my little Cannon cam that is 10 years old. Not the new Sony HD that will be filming the upcoming Tutorials and workshop in Orlando. But since I organised the workshop, I was able to walk around ON THE TABLES and NOT get yelled at ;) It pays being friends with Ewoks you know LOL. Anyhow, I have seen a few videos on youTube from the workshop but NONE could get as CLOSE to the FIGURES as I did, so there may be a few surprises in here worth watching.

If you enjoy these videos and want more... Gimme some feedback or even better, make my day and click on the LIKE buttons :)

It sure is fun for me to look back at what we did in 2007 and gets me even MORE EXCITED for August if you can believe that. I almost didn't do the workshop this year due to my personal drama in the Real World, but I am beyond thrilled that I am returning to party with you guys at CV.

Enjoy the Videos, I'm actually off to FILM FOUR tutorials today with my friend Elie, I will surely edit at least 1 for update before end of the week. The "U" Hallway is up next. You've seen what it looks like in the press release but in motion it really comes to life... Ciao...Frank.



Wednesday - JULY 07 - 2010


Hey everyone, is it HOT like the Bespin Boiler Room or even worse, the Mustafar Lava Pits in your city today? WOW, we have been having a KILLER HEAT WAVE up here in Montreal. Thank God for Air Conditioning. It's good to feel like you are on Hoth when working on planning the Diorama Workshop for CV :)

Let's check out the LAST 2 Celebration V NiubNiub 10th Anniversary Postacrds. These 2 Cards will be given away on DAY 4: Sunday. I am really proud of these and feel they showcase what has been a hobby and passion for the last decade. Can you believe 10 years and Hasbro is STILL making toys for us :P

I'm off to Ottawa again to go see The B-52's in concert. YES, I know, I am OLD and so are THEY - LOL. I never got a chance to see them live, and wish to do so before they all die. What a nasty thing to say LOL. So I'm off to Planet Claire till Friday. I did manage to film 4 Video Tutorials today and so those will be online asap as I finish editing them. stay tuned.



Monday - JULY 12 - 2010


Good morning everyone, another weekend just ZOOMS by and we are less then ONE MONTH till Celebration V. I am really freaking out LOL.

Today you can see what other little FREEBY Surprise Gift I have for the Visitors of the Echo Base Diorama Workshop. To celebrate 10 Years of, 3000 Bumper Stickers will be handed out during the 4 day event in Orlando.

Click on the image above to see the FULL image. You can see ALL of the Promotions in the Echo Base Promotions Menu. Stay tuned for lots more during the rest of the week...



Wednesday - JULY 14 - 2010


Getting closer and closer to the awesomeness of Celebration V. I am soooo stressed but yest soooo happy to reveal to you today the OFFICIAL - YES YES !!!! OFFICIAL CV Diorama Workshop Collectors Entry I.D. Badges.

At CIV, We had a VERY LIMITED set of 400 Workshop Badges that I had printed myself at Kinkos and laminated each night till 2 am in my hotel room after a long 16hr day of cybertronning :) This time the workshop has hit the BIG LEAGUES :D I can't say how excited I am to have Lucasfilm print our Badges alongside their own this year.

2000 Badges will be handed out to each of the Diorama Builders througout the 4 days of the convention - On a first come first serve basis of course. These Badges will not only act as a cool souvenir, but also be used in our daily PRIZE DRAWINGS (more on that next week) as well as Identify our fellow fans.

Needless to say that these are not handed out to passerbys by who won't appreciate their true value, you MUST BUILD a part of the Echo Base in order to collect your Badge and participate in our drawings. I'm sure that makes sense and not too much to ask is it? :) ... This is all so much fun, I am so glad to be able to do this for you guys.

You can find the HiRes image of the I.D. Badge and all of the other REALLY COOL NiubNiub Diorama Workshop Promotional giveaways in the Celebration V Promotions Menu.



Friday - JULY 16 - 2010


Hey everyone, Have I got a really cool tutorial for you this morning on my NiubNiubsUniverse Channel : The Official NiubNiub You Tube Video Companion.

Grab your coffee or Cereal and sit back and relax for 10 minutes. In this video, you get a sneak peak and Step By Step instructions for the Echo Base "U" Style Hallway. Not only is this a cool diorama, but it is one of the EXACT options you will have a choice to build at Celebration V.

Make sure to check out NiubNiubsUniverse Channel on You Tube to see this Making Of Video as well as many more tutorials for CV and sweet memories of Celebration IV as well :) and PLEASE leave me some FEEDBACK to let me know what you like and don't like in these Video Tutorials.



For those who want to maybe pratice their skills at home before Celebration V. I have added the TEMPLATES you need for the Echo Base "U" Style Hallway design and You Tube Tutorial in NiubNiub's Decals Section.

Simply download and print from your home computer and follow the step by step instructions. The Blueprints will be added AFTER the Celebration Convention. I know, that's mean but I have to have something special for those attending the show :)

Enjoy your weekend, I'll have more Celebration V Previews next week and BEST OF ALL - THE BIG REVEAL.... How ALL of the Builders Options FIT TOGETHER to crerate the MASSIVE Echo Base :D. It's REALLY REALLY COOL !!!! :P

Ciao... Frank.



Tuesday - JULY 20 - 2010


Hey good morning, you all have a great weekend? As you may have guessed, I spent it preparing the workshop. What a surprise I know :P We are close to 3 weeks to the show and I am only about 40% ready. Do you think we should start to place bets on if I can make it on time ? :)

Today I am THRILLED to unveil to you the OFFICIAL Celebration V Diorama Workshop T-Shirt.

Not only will we be giving away some of these as prizes but for the FIRST TIME EVER... The Workshop T's will be sold at the CELEBRATION STORE !!! As a longtime Star Wars fan, thatjust BLOWS MY MIND :) Click on the image above to read all the details and make sure to visit the Diorama Workshop Promotions Menu to see ALL that I have in store for you loyal visitors :D

Meanwhile I am 85% done on the Next You Tube Tutorial which should be ready for you to see tomorrow or Thursday at the latest. It's all coming together really nicely. And for those of you who think Echo Base was an EASY choice compare to Bespin (which yes would have also been cool) just you wait and see !!!

See you later, Frank.



Wednesday - JULY 21 - 2010


Super quick update today, I added 3 NEW entrie in NiubNiub's Guestbook. If you are a fan of the site why not send me a little message and share your faves with the rest of the planet :) I am back to finish my edit and post later today. Stay tuned...



Last but not least... The Echo Base ":L" Hallways Blueprint is NOW ONLINE. You can download and Print it on your home computer and use the measurements and information in conjuction with the Step By Step Tutorials to recreate your OWN version starting Today !!!

It's a fun way to practice for the Celebration V Convention or to follow along with us if you cannot attend the show in August. Well, as Porky Pig would say... that's all folks. I hope I started your week with a smile.

I'm out of town till Wednesday, so no updates until then. See you then... TONS of COOL stuff heading your way. Frank.



Friday - JULY 23 - 2010


Good morning my Niubbers. Well lokkee here... I have a NEW Sneak Peak Celebration V Tutorial for you guys on my NiubNiubsUniverse You Tube Channel. It's an easy challenge for the padawan builder who wants to help out with 1 hour of NiubNiub Diorama service :)

At the end of the video you start to see for the first time, a HINT of how all these pieces will fit together and just how HUGE this will be. So head on over and PLEASE PLEASE leave some feedback. Don't be shy, It's only the entire planet that will read your comments LOL.

You can see ALL the Sneak Peak video tutorials created for Celevration V's Echo Base Diorama Workshop in the CV YouTube Sneak Previews Menu. Enjoy and for the lucky few ... ENJOY COMICON !!!! I WISH I WAS THERE.

Have a great weekend... Frank.



Ohhhhh.... and here is a TEASE of what's coming next week with the Echo Base Trench Sneak Peak :D



Monday - JULY 26 - 2010


Good morning everybody. It's Monday which leads me to a new post... Everyone knows... LOL - :) - ;( - SOS but heres a NEW web abbreviation for you to learn this morning... ANYONE decipher the yellow header ???

Give up, ok, here is the answer : Oh My God I'm Freaking Out It's 26 Of July And Next Week Is August !!! LOL. Celebration V is tickling my feet and I still have SOOOOO much to do, I am sweating bullets. You guys are lucky I don't start my new film until the day AFTER the convention and can put 500% every day into ONLY preparing for you what will surely be THE BEST DIORAMA WORKSHOP of ALL CELEBRATIONS !!!


Speaking of Celebrating :) Here is some GREAT GREAT - did I say GREAT NEWS !!!! If any of you were at the Ewok Landscaping Workshop during Celebration IV, then you know what AWESOME Giveaway Prizes we had that NO ONE - I mean - NO ONE else COULD give away because - well, they aren't powerfull like Ewoks :P

If you recognise the ICONS in the box above, then you KNOW you are in for another UNIQUE SPECIAL EXCLUSIVE TREAT come August. You will NOT want to be anywhere else at 11:38 every morning that's for sure !!! hee hee.

I will let you sweat it out a little today while you try to guess - I know, that's mean of me - but It's 2:30 am and I'm cranky LOL. I will devulge ALL before Wednesday and If I haven't finished the NEW Video Tutorial, I will at least post you some SNEAK pics of whats to come. ok... some sleep now for NiubNiub the in 6 hours... WORK WORK WORK !!!!


Wednesday - JULY 28 - 2010


In preparation for this years Celebration V Diorama Workshop, my friend Elie made this little edit using all my photos from the Celebration II section. It was a nice surprise to wake up to and I thought it be cool to share it with all of you today.

Hard to believe this happened 8 years ago already ....

This was my FIRST Diorama Workshop for Lucasfilm and we started out in a small room with under 100 fans building Mos Eisley in just 2 DAYS !!! It's really incredible what we came up with :) Do check it out in my NiubNiubsUniverse YouTube Channel.

And stay tuned for CV Tutorials later in the week... I've got the X-Wing Arch, Trench and Turret Tutorials coming up next... Have a great day.




Thursday - JULY 29 - 2010


We are FAST coming up on TWO WEEKS Till the Celebration V Diorama Workshop, I am SOOOO NOT READY!!! I may have to cancel and call in sick... My DOG - no EWOK ate my diorama.

The VIDEO TUTORIALS are almost done for these, it really takes a long time to edit and do voice over and find time to eat and sleep you know :) So I thought today I would just WET your appetite and show you just what is in store for you in the next couple of days here at NiubNiub's Universe...

This HUGE section of the Echo Base is what I love to call the FLOWER POT :) It's really HALF of one X-WING ARCH that create the walls of the MAIN Hangar Bay. These will also act as "PEEK - A - BOO" Windows for the Photo Ops looking into the Base.

Next up is just how in the world do ALL these lovely designs and creations actually FIT together :) Just wait till you see these pics and video. And this is only the PROTOTYPES !!!! Meaning there is only one section of it. When in Orlando, this will measure over 30 feet long !!!

My last preview this morning is my OUTDOOR REBEL TRENCH. The idea behind this design is that they will "SINK" between TWO TABLES, giving the illusion they are actually carved into the ground of the Diorama. I just finished the Photoshop Decals for all the Generators and Tool Boxes that will dress up this section of the Diorama.

I still have soooo much work to prepare, but as you can clearly see... it's gonna be a WILD and FUN TIME in Florida. Once you guys come in and start building these, all my lack of sleep will evaporate and I shall be re-energised by all your excitement and energy. I can't wait !!!

Back to work for me. WORK WORK WORK . Stay tuned TOMORROW for the X-Wing Arch YouTube tutorial.




Saturday - JULY 31 - 2010


Tomorrow is AUGUST !!! NOOOOOOOoooooooo LOL. OK, I am now TOTALLY FREAKING OUT LOL. SOOO Much to do even with 4-5 hours sleep a night doesn't seem like there is enough time. Send me your positive energy guys, I'm gonna need it to survive this next week and get the remaining room designs done in time for the show.

Today I have updated the Celebration V Figure Fund Page with the Names and Donations I have received so far. BOY you guys are GENEROUS - Over 500 toys so far !!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!! The KIDS will LOVE IT !!! but....

We still have 10 days, and 100 feet of Dioramas take a LOT of figures to fill that space. If you were hesitating on sending your unwanted Empire Hoth toys, NOW is the time to do it if you want them to reach us in time for the Celebration V convention. Check out the Figure Fund Menu to read all about it and where to send your donations.



I'm starting to get the hang of making these videos ;p Instead of 3 days of editing and voice over, it only takes me 8 hours now LOL. Grab your coffee or glass of milk, and head on over to my NiubNiubsUniverse Channel to catch the latest sneak peak option you guys will have to build at the upcoming Echo Base Diorama Workshop.

This X-Wing archway - or GIANT FLOWER POT as I like to call it :) Is just HALF of what you need to park your X-wing in the Main Echo Base Hangar. Stay tuned in the next video to see just how ALL the pieces we've seen so far FIT TOGETHER to make one HUGE Echo Base Hangar.

Have a great weekend... I gotta create the Decals for the Control Room. It's taking a long time to get it movie accurate... but it looks great, heres a little peak ...

Ciao, Frank.




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