Thursday - September 09 - 2010


Hey everybody, How was your LONG Weekend? Man it was nice to have monday off and sleep in wasn't it? :)

As you can see above, I have finalized the look for the Celebration V Diorama Workshop pictures that are to come next week. We shall start with the Behind the Scenes Set Up and move to Diorama Construction and Final Build Sunday. The convention may be over, but I got HUNDREDS of pics to share with you... Stay Tuned...




I am soon posting the Echo Base FAN FEEDBACK Page and I need YOUR COMMENTS more then ever if you participated or came by to see the Diorama in Orlando.

If you want a Diorama Workshop at CVI - WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK and YOUR SUPPORT to show Lucasfilm that you want another Workshop in 2013. Your feedback will determine our involment in the next one. I will be 50 in 2013 !!!! My god that is scary to read, especially when I am mentally 12 LOL.

Send your Feedback TODAY - I truly welcome it.


Well the Real World is keeping Niub Busy for sure. I am having a GREAT time though learning a NEW Compositing Software called NUKE. It has to be the coolest thing I have played with in a long time. They PAY US for this? WOW ;p I'll let you guys know when the Trailer comes up. As for today...

I thought you would enjoy the NEW Teaser Poster for the film. You can click on it to view the IMDB Credits.

I'm off to compile the HD Video images so that I can do a BIG Update sunday. Stay tuned for that, and of course, All the CV Goodies, Blueprints, Instructions AND Decals. So much to do, where is the time? LOL. See you Sunday...

Frank. D. NiubNiub




Monday - September 13 - 2010


Happy Monday, return to work or School, Hope you had a nice weekend. I had the MISSFORTUNE to PAY to go see Resident Evil 3D - Excuse me while I go VOMIT.... Bleuuuarghhhh - Ugh, I still feel ILL when I think about it. How can this director still get money to make this Bantha Poo Poo. What an EXCESS of Slow Motion 300 Matrix Rip Off - ugh, Wait, I have to go Vomit AGAIN.. - bbooo rrruuuahhhghhhhh ... LOL

Before I vomit a THIRD time, let us change the subject shall we :) I have finally sifted through the hours of HD Video and grabbed the best pictures that show you what it was like BEHIND the SCENES of the Celebration V Convention Diorama Workshop.

Click on the photo above to see 4 pages of pictures. I can't believe a month has alread passed. Time sure does fly. I am currently sorting out Thursdays Workshop HD Cam in order to transfer and add those to the Stills Section. Enjoy the pictures. And remember you can see more of the Set Up in the NiubNiub Diaries on the YouTube Channel.

See you later Niubbers !!! Frank.




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