Tuesday - October 12 - 2010


Sorry for the LONG delay - almost 1 month between posts. Just when I though things were going ahead on track... but more on that later... for now the GOOD NEWS...

The LONG AWAITED Blueprints used to create our Hoth Celebration V Convention Diorama Workshop Echo Base Diorama are NOW ONLINE and available for ALL to enjoy and recreate at HOME what we did last August in Orlando.

Click on the photo above To jump to the NiubNiub Blueprint Section where ALL the LINKS can be found to print the Blueprints of your choosing. Remember you can use the NiubNiub Diaries on the YouTube Channel to help you build as well as the Making Of section on the site.

I will put ALL decals that we used at the show online before the end of the week. I just need to link the pages.



Just when I thought my New contract doing the VFX for Upside Down and the start next week of my FINAL Renovations were slowly bring me out of my hell hole that started this new decade, 3 weeks ago, I learned that my Dear Aunt MATTE, now has Alzheimers. It is Deja Vue all over again, as I am now starting to do all that I did with Mom in 2007... and that took 2 years to get all the bank, bills, goverment, lawyer, doctor, notary poop (to use a nicer word then what wants to come out of my mounth LOL) all in order.

I now have 2 90+ woman that count on me, as I am the mandator of their Power of Attorney. This disease really sucks. And the first phases of Denial and ANGER and refusal to allow us to help are the worse. It took 2 years for mom to calm down and stop begging daily to be taken out of what she called "the LOONY" bin.

My aunt is still at home but I know that next year, I will have to get a judge to rule her innept and placed in a residence where you basically are a prisoner. I hope this never happens to me.

Anyhow, so this is why the posts have been slow these last weeks, and sadly, real life will once again slow things down, it's not easy running a site THIS BIG all alone, but I don't think anyone will blame me for choosing family first.

Keep visiting, and you will get the surprise update from time to time. If I can find the time to sit at the computer, it is therapudic for me to prepare updates, it's just sometimes, time, and lack of sleep, don't want to let this happen.

See you later in the week, with those DECAL UPLOADS. All the best... Frank



Saturday - October 16 - 2010


Hey everyone, as promised, here is the link for EVERY SINGLE DECAL that was used to build Hoth at Celebration V Convention Diorama Workshop ...

You can Click on the photo above To jump to the NiubNiub Decal Download Section. From there, you can Download and print the Decals of your choosing. Use Full Size LABEL SHEETS for BEST results.

you can also use the NiubNiubs YouTube Channel as well as the Making Of section to help you build your home diorama. I will put more instructions on site next week, now that you have the decals AND blueprints at your disposal.

Have a GREAT weekend... All the best... Frank



Thursday - October 22 - 2010


A HUGE HUGE HIT at last August's Celebration V Convention Diorama Workshop and previously only available as a YouTube NiubNiub Channel Video Tutorial Sneak Peak, The Hoth Echo Base "U" style hallway Step by Step instructions have now been added to NiubNiub's Making Of Section.

You can Click on the photo above To SKIP the Main Menus. Remember, you can Download and print the Decals AND Blueprints to help you build this at home.

you can also still use the NiubNiubs YouTube Channel for complete material list and VIDEO Step by Step visual guide during your building. Enjoy, have a great weekend, and I'll have MORE Making Of's up for you next week.

All the best... Frank




Most of you have read about this news on the main Star Wars NEWS sites no doubt... but I just wanted to publically THANK my friend Steve Sansweet for all the AWESOME memories you have provided me.

Steve has been the fan liaison for what seems like forever and has personally been so supportive of all my ideas and executions of the Celebration Diorama Workshops that I have done since the release of Episode II. Having him personally swing by daily to see what the kids were up to and give my hard working friends (Celebration staff) praise and support was just priceless to us all. Yes he worked for Lucasfilm which is awesome, but he was / is FIRST - a HUGE Star Wars fan as we are - which made his praise even more meaningfull.

It will be strange to pass by his office during my next ILM contract and not see him sitting at his desk or bumping into him at the Lucasfilm store buying Hasbro figures.

Good luck Steve, I hope you find excitement and adventure in this new chapter of your life and wish you all the best for 2011 and beyond. MTFBWY.




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