Wednesday - December 22 - 2010



Time flies by, another year has come and gone, The preparation and Event of Celebration V helped me create Weekly posts again as well as the first of the popular YouTube Video Tutorials. Real life however, sometimes likes to surprise and block your plans.

I want to first thank all of my loyal fans, Newbies from CV to my dear old friends from way back 10 years ago. I wish you all the best in collecting, building, creativity and success for 2011. Thank you for helping make Celebration V awaesome, thank you for making me rediscover the excitement and joy of building dioramas for our Star Wars toys. It had been so long for me, I didn't realise just how much I missed it. And just as it was going full speed again...

My aunt now has Alzheimers as well. Guess who has the Power of Attorney. Here we go again. At least Mom's illness helped me prepare whats to come and organise all my aunts affairs. Last week she almost burned her house down with the oven. I will have to place her soon and it won't be easy. She has lived there for more then 80 years of her 92 years on this planet.

So, needless to say, updates as you have seen were far and few past month and unfortunately, looks like the same will happen during winter. I still have all the CV Hoth step by Steps and pictures and comments to post, so much to do, I wish I could split myself into 3. I'm not closing the site, and hopefully between my aunt's caregiving and my new film contract that ends in May, I will have updates come and surprise you.



Thank you for understanding, and I wish I had happier things to talk about, but for now... A TOAST to a better 2011 and ALL THE BEST to you all and your families.

Cheers , your Ewok friend.




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