Tuesday - May 31 - 2011


I bet you never thought you would find a NEW message here today now did ya ? :)

Hello everybody, I have just wrapped the FX on my last film and now on a nice deserved vacation until August. Just like when we were in high school... 2 months off :) I will find some time to recharge my batteries after weeks of long hours of crunch time.

Real life has finally started to return to normal after the choatic year of 2010. I'm glad that is over. Mom's and now my dear Aunt's Alzheimers is still a day to day downward battle but we shall leave that behind for today.

Now that I do have free time to relax and have fun with friends and hobbies ;p it's time to talk about...




There was a time when my mom use to tell me (in my 30's) "when are you gonna stop playing with toys" - LOL) and for the longest time I thought, hey I will be 75 and still collecting toys. However I must admit that today at 47, I am not quite sure any longer. Is it possible that NiubNiub is finally growing up? LOL

Don't panic, I am and will always be a big kid at heart, my career, friends and family make it impossible to be otherwise. One thing that did change and this is normal... is the shift from what I grew up with (Star Wars 77-82) to prequels which were OK, but not really what I had hoped it could have been to now the Clone Wars which is THIS generations Star Wars really.

All you see in the stores are Clone Wars and few Original figures here and there have led me to - even I find it hard to believe - not buy ONE NEW figure in over a year if not almost 2. My passion for collectiing ONE Of EVERY Star Wars toy has dissapeared with the Clone Wars. There are just too many rehashes now. This is not nescessarely Hasbro's fault, Who knew in 1994 that figures would still be made almost 20 years later.

My carreer, at ILM in the winters and in Montreal during summer time, has also let me to not have as much free time to make as many Dioramas as I use to 10 years ago. This doesn't mean I don't enjoy the process and hobby. Far from it. At every Celebration, Even though we put so many hours preparing and making the workshops such a joy for you guys, it is always fantastic to come up with an excuse to HAVE to return to building NEW scenes :)

What I want to do this summer, is finally revisit Celebration V, there are still footage - unedited - of You Tube Making Of videos as well as dozens of hours of footage of the final creation and testimonials from the fans who helped to make be. So if anything, you can count on those to show up here and there before the end of August.

As for NEW Dioramas, I do have ideas, and who knows what planning might be entitled for, ugh, perhaps a HUGE Jedi Party Diorama? Only the gods know for sure ;p

The other thing I want to convcentrate on, is because of the difference in free time from 10 years ago, and because I do NOT want to close down the site, a return to the CORE of the site if you will and whats most important to me and I think you like best - How to MAKE the BEST Dioramas at home using my Decals and Instructions.

In order to do so, My friend Greg wants to help me redesign the entire site (when I started I used Dreamweaver and today, yes it still exists- but there are way easier programs to mainting more updates and fan interaction today) to be more a town hall meeting place where YOU the fans keep the site active with My occasional projects as well of course, but your feedback, your artistic skills, your contributions, to really help spread the fun of creating scratch built accurate Star Wars homes for your figures to live in.

Obviously this will not be done in 1 week, but I just wanted to let you know whats spinning around in my head. Send me an email if you think you agree - or to say its a BAD idea LOL - I always read all the email and always reply, even if its sometimes - days, weeks, months - cough cough - years LOL later.

I gotta run for now, but I'm glad we had time to catch up a little today and I WILL be seeing you again REAL SOON. Have a great summer (Pirates - Super 8 - Transformers - Xmen - Cowboys) its gonna be a FUN ONE.


Ciao for today , your Ewok friend.





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