After more then 17 years in their original packages... are you sitting down ;p
I decided it was time to OPEN ALL MY CARDED FIGURES.
Here is a construction PREVIEW of what will become my NEW Diorama Workshop


A wide view of the South Wall of my storage space that is shaping up to become the NEW Frank Diorio Diorama Workshop.. After 3 days of opening toys and placing the figures in sorted out bins, the place looks like I should be on HOARDERS - something my friend Greg reminds me of everyday LOL.


As you can see I kept some of my favourite past dioramas like the Palpatine's Arrival, but I have modified it to fit the room and gave the other half to Alastar who lives downstairs from us and at 7 is just in HEAVEN :) I guess the advantage of having NiubNiub live in the same building ;p


I will also have space to do a variation of what we designed and built for Celebration V's Hoth Echo Base. I will eventually take NEW pictures once all the figures are back in their place and the dioramas are up and ready.


Man I really bought a LOT of figures - 17 years worth - I should maybe count them and find out just how much money I spent and gave to hasbro. Can you figure out what is inside the bins ? I am sure you guys have many of the same ones.


Clones Clones and more Clones. I never attemped a prequel Clone diorama yet, I guess that will have to change in 2012 :) Maybe I will do a visitor vote to see just what scene.


Ahhh the troopers. I'll be able to put most of these back on Palpatine's Arrival diorama. I was lucky I got some fans of the site to help me out with these and sell them to me from their collections at like $1 each instead of paying full store price.


Some Pod racers, Queen Guards, Pilots, Wookies, Anakins and Padme's


Look at all these Biker Scouts !! The Too Many Darth Mauls. Anyone need a tatoo figure? waste of money that was


R2 Units, Rebel troops - I MUST make a Tantive hallway soon, Rebels Sandpeople, Jawas and my Ewok Cousins, can NEVER have TOO MANY Ewoks ;p


So what did I do with all these figures? Well Those pictures are for next week as I progress with the cleanup. Stay tuned for more unveiling as I continue renovating my Diorama Workshop.