Wave 06, Release: April 2003
Lord Of The Rings: Two Towers
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Accessories: Rock Diorama Base
Articulation: Bend Em Arms and Legs. Head to stiff to stay turned :(
Likeness: Very Close to the movie
Action Feature:X Bend Em Arms and Legs
Samples: Not bad, Not Great
My Pressscioussssss
Best Part: Bend Em Wires create NO joints
Worst Part: You can see his Bum - LOL.

Final Thoughts: I must admit that Gollum looks a LOT cooler in this picture then in real life :P Remember how a camera can bring toys to life :) I was surprised to see that Toy Biz decided to go Bend'Em instead of traditional articulation like all the other figures. I don't think it would have detracted that much. Having only wires inside the Latex Rubber body, he can pose a little more realistically but the Rubber is VERY hard and prevents extreme bending. For example...croutching pose. The knees will only bend a little past 45' and his head is almost too stiff to do anything. Maybe you have to turn it really hard but I don't want to decapitate the poor guy...He's been through enough hell as it is - LOL.

I can say the likeness is pretty darn close and he has a good Weathering paintjob. I think if they would have used 3-4 strands of thread for the hair it would have looked better then the paint streaks. But that might have been complicated to do in production. This is a pivotal character in the movies and I am happy that he was finally made.

And NO, I will NOT tell you what is sculpted under his loincloth :P

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