Jason Keith - Age:25 - August 2000
Emperor's Tower - Window

WOW, Now here is someone who puts NiubNiub to shame!
Even though Jason's work is a work in progress, I have never seen so much detail and precision.
Niubniub needs a new machine shop in his basement - LOL - Simply gorgeous !
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The flat web part of the window was machined in about an hour and a half out of 1/2" polycarbonate.
Then the 45 degree windows were modeled in sections of three openings. Only one of these sections was machined in about 6 hours. Then this piece was finished out by hand and cast in a double sided silicone mold, which took another 2 days. After which I cast 8 sections to complete the 24 window openings. The ceter piece acts as a jig to which I taped the cast pieces to measure the shrink rate so I could shim in between the parts.

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