A lot of you ask "who is Niubniub?" and "what do you like to do besides making dioramas?".

Well NiubNiub is Frank D'iorio, a native Montrealer and Canadian, who in the daytime works in Movie Visual Effects as a Digital Compositor. What is a compositor? That's another story LOL. Click on the link to find out more.

In 2005, after 10 years in Television work, Frank went Freelance for film working at Studios Like Meteor, Buzz Image and Vision Globale and films like Fantastic 4, 300, Final Destination 3, Red Violin.

In 2007, his life long dream of working for George Lucas came true when he went to San Francisco's ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) to work on Transformers. Since then Frank has continued to work at Lucasfilm in the winters and Spend summer months at Local Montreal Studios.

Since 2002, Frank has also been working for Lucasfilm Designing and Organizing all the Diorama Workshops for all their Star Wars Celebration Conventions.

On weekends, Frank has been building Diorama playsets to display his Star Wars Collection and share his designs with the world with the creation of NiubNiubsUniverse.Com in the summer of 2000. Since then, thousands of families have enjoyed the Free decals, blueprints and Step by Step instructions that help build NiubNiub's Dioramas in your own home.

Since my teens, I've loved making things. Be it costumes, airbrush paintings or movie prop replicas.

1992 - Latex Paint - 40 X 30 inches
1992 - Latex Paint - 40 X 30 inches

These 2 paintings were made for a Convention Art Show in Toronto 1992. They took me aproxamitally 50 hours each to paint and sadly the last I have created. I hope to return to airbrushing one day when I find the time.


Alien - 1986

My first attempt to make a costume for the club circuit halloween parties. Took me 3 months to create using books as references. Head is plasticine covered with fiberglass. A hockey helmet was glued inside so that the dome would not fall off - it weighed over 15 pounds. Dorsal fins are tubes covered with same technique as the domed head. The ribcage was made from foam padding. The hardest part was walking and seeing only the feet in front of me. after 3 nights of clubbing - my neck hurt real bad - LOL - but I did win first place.


Robocop - 1987
My mom bought a new refrigerator and that got me thinking as to what I could make with such a big box. The hot film that summer was Robocop, So my choice was an easy one. This costume took me 2 months to complete. Made entirely out of Cardboard and masking tape. Grey and black latex paint were applied to the tape and then 3 coats of gloss medium to give it shine and make it look more like metal. Again used pictures for reference and details. Foam sheets were used for the stomach. The bad thing about this costume was that I could not sit down - Well I could but then I would not be able to get up again - LOL. Again won first prize.


Batman - 1989
My most complexe and professional costume to date. Everything except the mask was made by me. Friends made plaster molds of my body (lost half my chest hair getting the damn thing off) Sculpted muscles and made new mold. Rubber latex was used to make the positives. Hand sticked the rubber to the undersuit. Belt and chest batlogo was made in my university's wood shop. made the cape from Leather vynil. Boots were rubber extensions attached to black sneakers. This was the last of my club costumes - prizes were now arranged ahead of time - so I learned the next day from a friend. At least for once I was able to dance! - LOL

Alien Egg - 1992 - Silicone Rubber

Alien Face Hugger - 1992 - Silicone Rubber
Well in 1982 I was fortunate to meet a new co-worker who had the same fancy aboout Alien monsters as I had :) I remember wanting a face hugger since seeing ALIEN opening weekend in 1979 and remember being excited when I spotted an add in Starlog magazine for a Don Post replica but it was $ 375. Thats like $1000 today. No way would my parents get me this. But now 13 years later, we sculpted our own. The entire egg and face hugger was sculpted in plasticine and then we made silicon rubber molds. Then we used the same silicon to make the actual positive casts and then airbrushed them and coated them with transparent silicone for the gross out slimy effect. The Lungs were made of rubber latex and inside each were 2 tubes attached to a snorkle mouthpiece on the underside. When placed on your face, Not only would the mouthpiece prevent the Face Hugger to fall off but would also make the lungs expand and contract. We made 4 in total for our friends and even 1 for our local radio station for the Alien 3 premiere as a door prize. We made a deal that we would give one free in exchange for sneak previews tickets to all of that summers blockbusters. The radio dude love the hugger so much, the night of the Alien 3 premiere he kept it for himself and gave away T-Shirts. LOL
I still have my Face hugger in my room today - unfortunatey my dorky cousin luke tried to scare his children and swung it by the tail like a lasso. I will let you imagine my expression when it ripped in half.